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Canada D’eh!

30 Jun

Happy Canada Day!

If you’re Canadian and you’ve lived in the United States, people will always draw comparisons to our sense of patriotism to America’s overwhelming dispay national Pride.

Its true. Americans celebrate bigger, louder, and crazier than Canucks –when it comes to national holidays.

Why is that? I’ve had American counterparts judge me for not displaying the same output of enthusiasm as they do. Well, there are several reasons, and I will touch on just one today.

America’s independance came out of war. Plain and simple, people died for the freedom they enjoy. War and strife have always inspired the pride of any nation or people group. American pride was borne out of strife, borne out of the sacrifice of men.

Canadians are also patriotic. We didn’t fight for our independance. We were a nation, under a nation. Through success, and our own identity, we were given our independance. We made ourselves a nation. We proved first that we were worthy to be independent.

So this Canada Day, don’t mistake our humble, quiet, meek celebration as unpatriotic. We are just celebrating what it is to be Canadian.



29 Jun

You probably won’t read this. But I talked to you today. It was nice. There are things I want to say, but even an anonymous blog is still too revealing. I’ll have to express myself in other ways…

Soul Music

29 Jun

I listen to a lot of songs, a lot of music from a lot of genres. I have a lot of playlists but there’s one playlist that called my “Forever” playlist. I only add songs that I feel I will enjoy, love, embrace, for as long as I breathe. This song is one of them, along with a couple of other Dallas Green’s songs. This one’s joined the ranks of Donny Hathaway, Corrine Bailey Rae, Eva Cassidy. These artist had a pain, a remorse, a desperation in their voice, as if each note was sung/played with emotional turmoil.

bucket list

29 Jun

I watched the tale end of #bucketlist last night. so, naturally, I’m inclined to write my own bucket list, even though I know most of these will probably go unfulfilled.

1. Play in an acoustic band.

2. See France – particularly the WWII memorials like Vimy Ridge, Versaille…

3. Speak conversational French.

4. Ride a motorcycle.

5. Go surfing in Fiji.

this is harder than I thought…. to be continued…


29 Jun
the theatre
One of my black and white prints in my Vancouver Series

Ahhhh Vancouver.

Today is raining, of course. I remember living in a town on the edge of the Mojave Desert, missing the Vancouver rain. I’m sure it’ll be sunny in a few minutes, or it may snow. We just never know these things.


29 Jun

Well, now that I’ve cut out most social media outlets in my life, it doesn’t really make sense to start a blog, doesn’t it? One of my twitter friends retweeted, “the “I’m not even on facebook” is the “I don’t even have a tv”. Pretty clever. Its so “hipster”.

I hate that tag.

Hipsters who go out of their way to be different, just to be different, so ultimately, will be gratified by the attention they get for being different. It would be nice to actually meet a person who was different because they were different, not because they try to be different. Though, I have to say, its a bit of a balancing act. How can we be different, and not seem like we’re like the other people who are trying to be different. Its an endless, tormenting circle.

Even the word “try” is abrasive. I don’t know…. it all seems too much work to be somebody. So the goal of this Blog is no goal at all. No “trying”. Just yammering uselessly, through this blog, because everyone wants to express something – I’m just prefer an anonymous audience, instead of friends and peers who will judge and dissect every status against your character.

Hello world!

29 Jun

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