29 Jun

Well, now that I’ve cut out most social media outlets in my life, it doesn’t really make sense to start a blog, doesn’t it? One of my twitter friends retweeted, “the “I’m not even on facebook” is the “I don’t even have a tv”. Pretty clever. Its so “hipster”.

I hate that tag.

Hipsters who go out of their way to be different, just to be different, so ultimately, will be gratified by the attention they get for being different. It would be nice to actually meet a person who was different because they were different, not because they try to be different. Though, I have to say, its a bit of a balancing act. How can we be different, and not seem like we’re like the other people who are trying to be different. Its an endless, tormenting circle.

Even the word “try” is abrasive. I don’t know…. it all seems too much work to be somebody. So the goal of this Blog is no goal at all. No “trying”. Just yammering uselessly, through this blog, because everyone wants to express something – I’m just prefer an anonymous audience, instead of friends and peers who will judge and dissect every status against your character.


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