Canada D’eh!

30 Jun

Happy Canada Day!

If you’re Canadian and you’ve lived in the United States, people will always draw comparisons to our sense of patriotism to America’s overwhelming dispay national Pride.

Its true. Americans celebrate bigger, louder, and crazier than Canucks –when it comes to national holidays.

Why is that? I’ve had American counterparts judge me for not displaying the same output of enthusiasm as they do. Well, there are several reasons, and I will touch on just one today.

America’s independance came out of war. Plain and simple, people died for the freedom they enjoy. War and strife have always inspired the pride of any nation or people group. American pride was borne out of strife, borne out of the sacrifice of men.

Canadians are also patriotic. We didn’t fight for our independance. We were a nation, under a nation. Through success, and our own identity, we were given our independance. We made ourselves a nation. We proved first that we were worthy to be independent.

So this Canada Day, don’t mistake our humble, quiet, meek celebration as unpatriotic. We are just celebrating what it is to be Canadian.


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