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Friday Bloggin’

29 Jul

ITS FRIDAY!!! (Curse you Rebecca Black — how long will you haunt me!?!?)

Its a great Vancouver Day — you know the drill: sun, clouds, chance of rain.

Today, I will be writing about a controversial topic. But first, I ask, is there a way to write about homosexuality without ruffling some people’s feathered boa? Okay, sorry, that is the first and last reference of that nature.

This week is Vancouver’s Pride Parade.


A Kwantlen University Professor made the news this week about a tweet he had made concerning the Parade, how it should be banned because it was vulgar (I’m paraphrasing of course). OF COURSE, the horsemen came out charging, with no mercy nor honour, and attacked this professor via twitterverse.

My stand:
The prof has a point. Though I don’t think we should ‘ban’ specific people groups because of our freedoms and rights, the professor spoke out against a group that has owned ‘speaking out’.  The Parade is vulgar. If you don’t like that word, then, how about ‘inappropriate in a public setting’? While the parade coordinators have advertised this event as ‘family friendly’, I don’t know whether that is actually accurate.

Here’s the bottom line: There are actions taking place on the floats and on display SO inappropriate, that if you were to take photos, print them, and bind them as a magazine– you would not DARE even show it to your children. Some of the costumes alone warrant a Disclaimer before Viewing sign. You probably would find that grouping of photos in the back shelf of the magazine rack, along with other ‘inappropriate in a public setting’ type magazines.

But no, how dare we speak out against homosexuality? People are gay, fine, that’s your life. I’m not gay, and that’s fine, and that’s my life. Why does it have to be flaunted? I think people are just getting sick of having homosexuality thrown in their faces, and then we’re suppose to feel like the enemies for feeling the way we feel.

FINE, let’s get over it, let’s move on — for pete’s sake!  Why does it seem like for some, its out of the closet and onto the front of the stage? I’m sure there are people who would hate me for writing this, but I don’t care. Discrimination comes FROM all forms.

well, that was really heavy stuff, and I’m not one to publish these thoughts normally, but, what the heck… Let’s ALL have a wonderful weekend, with friends, family, and of course… frivolity.

Happy Friday


I forgot how to write poems.

28 Jul

At some point in my life, I forgot how to write poems.

I’m not saying I was any good. But I don’t think you can be bad at writing poetry. I used to love to write. It was easy to be inspired. Love, heartbreak, disappointment, neglect — every experience needed for a full and normal teen life crisis, and all the elements needed in a poem. Maybe it was all that teen angst — the struggle to discover ourselves, to make sense of this senseless world, to belong.

Am I in the wrong Blog?

27 Jul

Time and time again I peruse through CNN’s Belief Blog. There are very interesting articles there, and at times, I do like to sift through the comment section– just to see where people are at. Obviously, me being Christian, I tend to gravitate towards things that pertain to Christianity, whether positive or negative.

I am trying to be more understanding and non-judgmental when it comes to reading comments on the blog. BUT, what amazes me the most, is that there appears to be more atheists than Christians on that website. HAHAHAHA… funny isn’t it? IT’S NOT? Oh, sorry, it was funny to me.

I thought that the whole premise of the “Belief Blog” was to report on stories that reflected “faith” or different “faiths”. I may be TOTALLY wrong here, but what’s an atheist doing in the blog? I know, I get it, we all have the desire to be heard, and to be accepted, and there’s a resurgence of atheistic pride and proclamation, but, aren’t there other forums and platforms for that? Maybe there’s a “Non-Belief Blog”? But what fun would that be? There’s no one to call illogic, or stupid, or backwards, etc. (just some of our more friendly descriptions on the belief blog, and trust me, they are not all friendly). I guess we CAN’T just leave each other alone. Maybe this is an epic battle that has been going for centuries and centuries and we’ve taken it from the battle fields, into the cold and dark corners of the inter-web where there’s no rules of engagement, no honour, just no-holds bar verbal attacks (and I’m speaking about sides).  

At the end of the day, I think I would like gnostics more. They seem more calm and respond like, “Well, we just can’t know for sure…” or “maybe its true… but maybe its not true…. we’ll never know……let’s go get some slurpees” (not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a slurpee with anybody else).

Mondays Come Faster than Fridays.

25 Jul

I’m going to try and write something insightful, but I am looking and functioning through a haze of allergies and sickness. Why I am at work, I don’t know. I guess they can’t survive without me (or atleast I like to think so).

I am (in my soft and understated self) OUTRAGED at the fact that the media has labeled Anders Behring Breivik as a CHRISTIAN extremist. But then I had to step back and really look at what’s important first.

The Victims.
My condolences to the families involved, who have lost precious family members and dear friends. I read in the News that almost every household in the city is affected directly by this event. Healing will come in time, but for now, grieving and mourning must take its natural course. Its never right to have to bury a friend, a brother, a sister, a son, or daughter.

This man  was no Christian. Many will argue that countless lives have been snuffed out in the name of Christianity. Those guilty of such acts do not represent Christ, nor do they represent Christians. Though many crimes have been committed in the name of God or Allah, or whatever higher power, beneath the surface, there is an inbalance, a wrong and a twisted view of Truth.

Of course, I’m sure many will jump at this opportunity to blast Christianity, Jesus Christ, or God. I’m sure many atheists have already condemned us along with this wicked man, and painted us with the same brush. But I would like to be the voice (even though little and ineffective in this world) that says, “We are not like him, and he is not like us. Please don’t paint us with the same brush.”

Friday Bloggin’

22 Jul

Okay, so its Friday (one day I’ll be able to say that without thinking of that ear pollution made by Rebecca Black), and I’ve been around some friends that I haven’t kept in contact with because of my departure from Facebook.

It was a nice experience.

It went down like, “So what’s been up? Whatcha been doin'”.

Finally got to experience the benefits of this minor experiment – to geniunely connect with human interaction, and not static and electric impulses, not statuses and comments.

“Hypocrite!!! If that’s what you want, then why are you blogging?!?!?”

Ha! yes, I’m a bit torn about this myself. Well, I always remind myself the fundamental value of this blog. I started the blog because of expression. And I’m also pretty sure no one’s reading this, and that gives me great liberty to freely express any view or feeling I want.

That is my mantra, that is my matrix.

If anything — I’m just rambling on and on, and maybe someday, when this blog has long been abandoned, left to rot in cyberspace, I’ll come across it again and hopefully conjure up good feelings and good memories. 

I’ve seen this happen.

My wife started a blog almost 5 years ago. It was PRE-FACEBOOK EXPLOSION. It was a way for our college friends to stay in touch of what was happening with us. The last post was in 2008. Yet, I got a great deal of pleasure from reading our history, from my wife’s point of view.

If I can do that with this blog someday, then I will be very blessed. I have to show off, however, — I have officially blogged enough to consider it a consistent part of my life. And if this is the last blog post that is ever published on this waste of space — well — it was a great ride while it lasted.

My Yammering Uselessly into a faceless, emotionless world, may actually go down with some meaning in my life.

So peace unto you, on this Friday.

(Note to self: I hope by the time you’ve forgetten about this and moved onto other useless things, I hope you would’ve already accomplished this short list of Must Do’s:
1.) Go see Meg and Dia live.
2.) Throw AND catch a boomerang.
3.) Buy and read a Tennyson Poetry book.

Thanks boss.)

Texts from my 6 year old Niece.

21 Jul

Last night, we celebrated my niece’s 6th birthday. I am amazed what 6 year olds can actually do. I don’t know about the 6 year olds that you know, but my niece is quite amazing. For example, during the day yesterday, she took my sister’s iphone4 and started texting a whole bunch of people — including me. Here’s how our conversation went: (keep in mind, I’m in my office, in front of my computer, focused on work. BTW, no editing was done.)
Niece: Uncle Julius what did you get me for my birthday?
Uncle: Ummmmm I got you something but I can’t give it you.
N: Why?
Are you coming to my house?
U: Cuz Auntie isn’t here.
Am I invited?
N: 😦  (she knows how to sad face me!!!!) 
I love you.
U: 🙂
N: Mommy said we’re having Cnk.
U: What’s cnk?
N: The Chinese restrant
U: Am I coming over to ur house or the restaurant?
N: House.
We’re picking it up.

And with that, she was off to texting other individuals. I can’t believe what she was able to do. Does she even know what it involves a text message? – the technology behind it? – the development of it? – what we used to communicate before? I am blown away at the technological aptitute today, but I wonder if they actually grasp the whole process. These kids are going to grow up learning and developing technologies that will be leaps and bounds from what we know today.

And don’t even get me started on their Ipad. SHEEEESH! It was definitely funny how she took my Blackberry Curve and started to drag my icons on the screen – I had to tell her that my phone didn’t do that – to which replied with a very condescending ‘why not?’ (like all phones should be touch screen – she may well have said ‘what planet are you from?’)

And to top off it all off my 3 year old nephew (actually, my bestfriend’s son who calls me uncle) has his own twitter account! Well, not him actually. Its pretty clever. His dad is tweeting memories so one day, when he’s old enough, he can read through those memories.

Let me just end this post by saying that when I was 6 years old, I was playing with sticks and stones and mud!!! The most technologically advance toy I had was my older brother’s bike!

What I would do, IF 2012 was actually the End of the World.

20 Jul

I have to admit, I am a sucker for conspiracy theories, and any other pseudo-mystic-ancient-mystism. First of all, I LOVE Ancient Aliens the TV Show. Its a bit of guilty pleasure– because, being a Christian, I have my beliefs. I’ve studied enough to admit that there is a realm of spirituality that goes beyond even our human understanding, and even our scientific understanding. While the Bible does not make reference to Aliens — we have to understand that the word “alien” just means stranger, sojourner in a foreign land. Today, it carries the connotation of extra-terrestrial. If one were to read the Bible, you cannot discount the fact the there are beings mentioned that are not “of this world”. Whether you want to call those spirits – fine, some may have other words for them. But that’s besides (although a little relevant) to the point.

2012 – the predicted end of the world – the time when the Mayan Calendar comes to a close and ushers in a new age- the time that is prophesied by Nostradamus in his Lost Book of Drawings. Its interesting to listen to the theories on December 21st, 2012. Although I definitely DO NOT believe that the world will end on that date, the whole theme has caused me to ask myself this: What would I do if it was true.

So, here are my musings on What if 2012 was actually the end of the world. I would…
1.) Spend time with family.
I would take one day to spend with my 3 nephews and 4 nieces. I would sit and talk to each one of them, and ask them what makes them happy. I would ask them what they would want to be when they grow up. I would tell them I love them. I would hold their hands, tickle them, and hear them laugh. But I would not say good bye. I would end that day with a “see ya later”.
I would take one day to spend with my mom and dad. With mom, I’d probably take her to eat somewhere that had a whole lot of grease. We’d talk and share memories, like the time a we were in the city and someone stole her necklace. I’d hold her hand, like I used to. I’d hug her, and kiss her on the cheek. I’d make her sing to me again, like she used to when we would clean the house — probably a Reba MacIntyre song, maybe Dolly. With Dad, first thing, we would probably play basketball. Let him post me up on the block. Then we would do something that isn’t all that wholesome or right, but I would have a beer with him. Growing up, I always thought that I’d have drinks with dad. I’d make him tell me all the stories again, about the old village, grandpa, grandma, my aunt who died in my dad’s arms. I’d grab his palms-his gigantic palms. I’d run my fingers over his face, and feel all the pock marks. I’d hug him with all of my strength, with all of my heart. Again, no goodbyes, just “I love you’s” and “see ya later’s”. With Ate and Kuya, we’d hang out, just us, just the kids. We’d talk about our crazy upbringing, all the stories we had of each other. I’d tell both of them that I looked up to them, how great parents they turned out to be, and how great friends they became to me. I’d tell Kuya that there wasn’t a day that I didn’t look up to him. I’ll tell Ate that I became a better person because of the bond we had (and that I’m sorry for colouring in the eyes of her teddy bear with a black marker). “I love you,” “See ya later”.

2.) Watch the sunset.
I’d find a bench at English Bay and put my earphones on and wait for the sun to set. I’m sure the playlist will be long, but it would definitely include these songs(in no signicant order):
City and Colour – as much as I ever could, sensible heart, coming home, Hello I’m in Delaware, Happiness by the Kilowatt.
Meg and Dia – Courage Robert, Nineteen Stars, Getaways turned into Holidays, Rebecca, Setting up Sunday, Roses, Black Wedding, Kiss you Goodnight, The One,
Goo Goo Dolls – Name, Here is gone, Iris,
Laura Jansen – Use somebody.
The Fray – Cable Car, How to save a life, You found me, Vienna.
Corrine Bailey Rae – Like a star, Since I’ve been love you (live), Till it happens to you.
Eva Cassidy – Somewhere over the rainbow, Time after Time, Wonderful World, Aint no Sunshine.
(Plus many many more…)
But while the sun finally hides under the horizon, have Donny Hathaway For All We Know playing into the night. I would think how in my life alone, with all the sunsets I’ve seen, in different skies and horizons all over the world, not one sunset was like the other, and not one was more beautiful than the other.

3.) Read the Bible.
I would read the Bible through 1 more time. This time, I’d read it like it was the last time my eyes would ever gaze over those pages, Read as if I had the last copy of the Bible. I’d read it outloud.

4.) Spend time with Friends.
I would spend a whole day with our closest friends. I wouldn’t do anything different. We’d laugh at the same things we always laugh at. Make the same jokes about the same people. We’d probably end it with coffee and coffee cake – board games that make us laugh so hard our bellies ache. No goodbyes.

5.) Spend the last hours with my wife.
Whoa, I’ll try and keep it together while I write this.
I’d spend the last hours holding on to my wife. Maybe one more dance to Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”. We’d look through pictures of when we were 13. We’d laugh at the size of our glasses. We’d look through our College photos. Then we’d look through our wedding photos and say, like we always say, “What were we thinking at age 23?” I’d hold her hand. I’d smell her hair. I would tell her that everything that is good in me is because of her. I’d say “I love you”. I’d tell her that although God hadn’t blessed us with a child yet, that I knew she would’ve been the most wonderful, caring, loving, most giving mother. I’d tell her that it was okay, and that I never for one second blamed her for us not having children. And as that last day would draw to its close, if 12/21/2012 was actually the end of the world, I would keep my eyes fixed on her. As those seconds would count down I would make her smile once again, and my last image on this life would be of her, with that beautiful smile, those dimples, and her cute squinty eyes.

These are things I would try and do. I guess, in the end, when we are faced with our finality- our finite-ness, we realize what is actually important, and that is relationships- people instead of possessions. When it comes down to it, I’d rather have memories than merchandise and relationships instead of riches. I hope, if anyone actually reads this stuff, that it would cause you to think of what you would do, IF (big IF), we actually knew that 12/21/2012 was our last day on Earth.