4 Jul

Its funny how when we were kids, all we wanted was to grow up. We rush through so many important steps just for the feeling of adulthood, trying to make adult choices, when we were just silly children. Even in our teen years, we walk around like we know everything from the economy, to what’s “trending”. We feel empowered by being able to make decisions for ourselves like, what classes to take, what to have for lunch, who to date, and so on. We were just silly children. Then we move out of those tumultuous teen years into our early 20’s and by that time we are full blown adults, make life choices that impact us for the rest of our lives. Really? The same guys in the dorm rooms wasting away their most formidable years getting hammered — are adults? But yes, in that state we feel like adults. We’re on our own, making our own money, we are the Masters of Our Own Destiny.

Then our late 20’s come. And some of us, we begin to figure it out. While there is a group out there still trying to extend their early 20’s into their later 20’s, there are some who realize that we don’t know much at all. Some are bombarded by responsible, plunged into positions out of need, and not of want. We figure out that Adulthood is not just the ability to make choices, but the responsibility to make the right ones.

At the age of 28, I look forward to growing up. I look forward to getting insight, wisdom, and experience. I look forward to adulthood.


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