Christian Atheist – Intro thru Chapter 1

12 Jul

My wife bought the book “Christian Atheist” by Craig Groeschel yesterday, so I quickly snatched it up and started reading before she even got a chance to start (She can probably read it in a day, whereas it would take me a whole week).

If you don’t know the premise of the book, it mainly talks about Christians who carry the label around, say the right words, and maybe have experienced true christianity in the past, but now live as if God were dead — or as an atheist would view it — as if God never existed.


My first reaction was, “guilty”. As I read through the first chapter, it was as if I knew what was going to unfold next, what truth would be touched on next — because I’ve been living exactly what this book says. Admittedly, I can easily read this book, have a spiritual experience, even make a decision to start reading the Bible again, and being more fervent and honest in my prayers — but I’ve been there, and I’ve failed.

I am hopeful. I know that any lasting change to be made in my life only comes from the Book and not a book, but I hope this book may reveal some tangible, organized, steps to take. I’m not into making commitments that cannot be measured, like “I just need more faith” or “I have to think more spiritually” or my favourite “I need to be more spirit-filled”. I realize in my brief Christian journey that those things are evidences of a life of commitment, a life that is purposeful in daily tasks.

I hope to someday find the root of what it means to be a Christian. Not what North America thinks of Christianity, whether past or present. Not what traditions claim it to be, or what some man behind a pulpit says it to be, though it may be true. For the first time in my life, I want to be a Christian because of Christ.


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