Generation Tug-o-War

18 Jul

I was born in the 80’s. I grew up in the 90’s, and most likely will spend my life trying to figure out a cool name for the 2ooo’s.

Horrible hair, horrible clothes, horrible colours, horrible music – yet those things found a way to be so bad, yet so RAD. It was a time of discovery. Mainly, grown men discovering neon mesh shirts, and women finding every reason to tease their hair. We look back at the 80’s with fondness — it was fun. The music, well, there were those bands who become icons, and will continue to live through us — even into beyond the millenium. And then there were those bands that just should have never been allowed to exist! But it was the 80’s, so it was okay. Society was going through a shift in mentality. We become more aware of our selves as Mankind. We realized that what actually connected us was the fact that we were all different, and man did we celebrate it. Of course, I’m speaking for myself. We still had our problems, but atleast we were finally addressing them with shout outs like: ERACISM!!

Ahhh, the 90’s… my favourite. The only thing I hate about the 90’s is that it only lasted for 10 years. Where do I begin? Well, start with the most life-changine: Music. Something changed in the music scene. Love was always a prevailing theme in music along with longing, missing. While the 80’s were about celebration (and an unnecessary fusion with synthesized sounds) the 90’s were about us. I connected with the music, because the music spoke for me. It knew me. Cobain didn’t sit down and write a formula. I believe he spoke from his heart and his pain. And the other people didn’t follow some formula either, it just became okay to write music that hurt. It definitely helped that they started playing instruments too (no more key-tar). Unfortunatley, the tail end of the 90’s were tainted with boy bands and cheap tricks disguised as “music”. But overall, 90’s music was parasytic. It fed off of us, and we fed off of it. In society and the world, we forgot what it was like in the 80’s, and realized that there was hatred in the world, there was suffering, and it wasn’t all sunshine and roses. We started becoming more and more dependant on our devices. Technology was leaping by bounds.

A lot can be said about the 00’s. You think of the advancement we’ve arrived at compared to the 80’s. We replaced “Etch a Sketch” with Ipads and Tablets. We replaced our Boom Boxes with MP3 Players that are the size of a silver dollar. The Internet became more than just a place of information. It became our lives. While technologically, we are far more advanced than we even imagined, I don’t know if we advanced as a people. I don’t remember so much turmoil around the world. I don’t remember such conflict in foreign and d0mestic soil. We have technology that far exceeds our understanding, or use yet we still have the common problems of the human race. History would show us that every civilization came to a climax, but were either overtaken, or were brought crumbling down by their own design. Even the Mighty Roman Empire succumbed to downfall. How can we say that we are not susceptible to destroying ourselves, like the Romans? Music is WHACK! In my opinion, if you pressed just a button on a mixer to make a song, then its not really a song. This generation is riddled with people who are so dependant on their devices, it is frightening to think how we would survive without them. I mean, how can we actually survive without facebook, or wordpress?

I am in the middle of this generation. There’s a huge part of me reaching back to those good ol’ days of when people mattered more then devices. Then there’s a part who, daily, relies on these very devices not only for productivity, but as well as creative expression. What is the median? Is there a place where we can stand and say, “We will not forget what matters most?” — without being hypocritical? I am in this tug-o-war of sorts.

Don’t confuse the devices the connect us, to the moments that keep us together.


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