What I would do, IF 2012 was actually the End of the World.

20 Jul

I have to admit, I am a sucker for conspiracy theories, and any other pseudo-mystic-ancient-mystism. First of all, I LOVE Ancient Aliens the TV Show. Its a bit of guilty pleasure– because, being a Christian, I have my beliefs. I’ve studied enough to admit that there is a realm of spirituality that goes beyond even our human understanding, and even our scientific understanding. While the Bible does not make reference to Aliens — we have to understand that the word “alien” just means stranger, sojourner in a foreign land. Today, it carries the connotation of extra-terrestrial. If one were to read the Bible, you cannot discount the fact the there are beings mentioned that are not “of this world”. Whether you want to call those spirits – fine, some may have other words for them. But that’s besides (although a little relevant) to the point.

2012 – the predicted end of the world – the time when the Mayan Calendar comes to a close and ushers in a new age- the time that is prophesied by Nostradamus in his Lost Book of Drawings. Its interesting to listen to the theories on December 21st, 2012. Although I definitely DO NOT believe that the world will end on that date, the whole theme has caused me to ask myself this: What would I do if it was true.

So, here are my musings on What if 2012 was actually the end of the world. I would…
1.) Spend time with family.
I would take one day to spend with my 3 nephews and 4 nieces. I would sit and talk to each one of them, and ask them what makes them happy. I would ask them what they would want to be when they grow up. I would tell them I love them. I would hold their hands, tickle them, and hear them laugh. But I would not say good bye. I would end that day with a “see ya later”.
I would take one day to spend with my mom and dad. With mom, I’d probably take her to eat somewhere that had a whole lot of grease. We’d talk and share memories, like the time a we were in the city and someone stole her necklace. I’d hold her hand, like I used to. I’d hug her, and kiss her on the cheek. I’d make her sing to me again, like she used to when we would clean the house — probably a Reba MacIntyre song, maybe Dolly. With Dad, first thing, we would probably play basketball. Let him post me up on the block. Then we would do something that isn’t all that wholesome or right, but I would have a beer with him. Growing up, I always thought that I’d have drinks with dad. I’d make him tell me all the stories again, about the old village, grandpa, grandma, my aunt who died in my dad’s arms. I’d grab his palms-his gigantic palms. I’d run my fingers over his face, and feel all the pock marks. I’d hug him with all of my strength, with all of my heart. Again, no goodbyes, just “I love you’s” and “see ya later’s”. With Ate and Kuya, we’d hang out, just us, just the kids. We’d talk about our crazy upbringing, all the stories we had of each other. I’d tell both of them that I looked up to them, how great parents they turned out to be, and how great friends they became to me. I’d tell Kuya that there wasn’t a day that I didn’t look up to him. I’ll tell Ate that I became a better person because of the bond we had (and that I’m sorry for colouring in the eyes of her teddy bear with a black marker). “I love you,” “See ya later”.

2.) Watch the sunset.
I’d find a bench at English Bay and put my earphones on and wait for the sun to set. I’m sure the playlist will be long, but it would definitely include these songs(in no signicant order):
City and Colour – as much as I ever could, sensible heart, coming home, Hello I’m in Delaware, Happiness by the Kilowatt.
Meg and Dia – Courage Robert, Nineteen Stars, Getaways turned into Holidays, Rebecca, Setting up Sunday, Roses, Black Wedding, Kiss you Goodnight, The One,
Goo Goo Dolls – Name, Here is gone, Iris,
Laura Jansen – Use somebody.
The Fray – Cable Car, How to save a life, You found me, Vienna.
Corrine Bailey Rae – Like a star, Since I’ve been love you (live), Till it happens to you.
Eva Cassidy – Somewhere over the rainbow, Time after Time, Wonderful World, Aint no Sunshine.
(Plus many many more…)
But while the sun finally hides under the horizon, have Donny Hathaway For All We Know playing into the night. I would think how in my life alone, with all the sunsets I’ve seen, in different skies and horizons all over the world, not one sunset was like the other, and not one was more beautiful than the other.

3.) Read the Bible.
I would read the Bible through 1 more time. This time, I’d read it like it was the last time my eyes would ever gaze over those pages, Read as if I had the last copy of the Bible. I’d read it outloud.

4.) Spend time with Friends.
I would spend a whole day with our closest friends. I wouldn’t do anything different. We’d laugh at the same things we always laugh at. Make the same jokes about the same people. We’d probably end it with coffee and coffee cake – board games that make us laugh so hard our bellies ache. No goodbyes.

5.) Spend the last hours with my wife.
Whoa, I’ll try and keep it together while I write this.
I’d spend the last hours holding on to my wife. Maybe one more dance to Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight”. We’d look through pictures of when we were 13. We’d laugh at the size of our glasses. We’d look through our College photos. Then we’d look through our wedding photos and say, like we always say, “What were we thinking at age 23?” I’d hold her hand. I’d smell her hair. I would tell her that everything that is good in me is because of her. I’d say “I love you”. I’d tell her that although God hadn’t blessed us with a child yet, that I knew she would’ve been the most wonderful, caring, loving, most giving mother. I’d tell her that it was okay, and that I never for one second blamed her for us not having children. And as that last day would draw to its close, if 12/21/2012 was actually the end of the world, I would keep my eyes fixed on her. As those seconds would count down I would make her smile once again, and my last image on this life would be of her, with that beautiful smile, those dimples, and her cute squinty eyes.

These are things I would try and do. I guess, in the end, when we are faced with our finality- our finite-ness, we realize what is actually important, and that is relationships- people instead of possessions. When it comes down to it, I’d rather have memories than merchandise and relationships instead of riches. I hope, if anyone actually reads this stuff, that it would cause you to think of what you would do, IF (big IF), we actually knew that 12/21/2012 was our last day on Earth.


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