Texts from my 6 year old Niece.

21 Jul

Last night, we celebrated my niece’s 6th birthday. I am amazed what 6 year olds can actually do. I don’t know about the 6 year olds that you know, but my niece is quite amazing. For example, during the day yesterday, she took my sister’s iphone4 and started texting a whole bunch of people — including me. Here’s how our conversation went: (keep in mind, I’m in my office, in front of my computer, focused on work. BTW, no editing was done.)
Niece: Uncle Julius what did you get me for my birthday?
Uncle: Ummmmm I got you something but I can’t give it you.
N: Why?
Are you coming to my house?
U: Cuz Auntie isn’t here.
Am I invited?
N: 😦  (she knows how to sad face me!!!!) 
I love you.
U: 🙂
N: Mommy said we’re having Cnk.
U: What’s cnk?
N: The Chinese restrant
U: Am I coming over to ur house or the restaurant?
N: House.
We’re picking it up.

And with that, she was off to texting other individuals. I can’t believe what she was able to do. Does she even know what it involves a text message? – the technology behind it? – the development of it? – what we used to communicate before? I am blown away at the technological aptitute today, but I wonder if they actually grasp the whole process. These kids are going to grow up learning and developing technologies that will be leaps and bounds from what we know today.

And don’t even get me started on their Ipad. SHEEEESH! It was definitely funny how she took my Blackberry Curve and started to drag my icons on the screen – I had to tell her that my phone didn’t do that – to which replied with a very condescending ‘why not?’ (like all phones should be touch screen – she may well have said ‘what planet are you from?’)

And to top off it all off my 3 year old nephew (actually, my bestfriend’s son who calls me uncle) has his own twitter account! Well, not him actually. Its pretty clever. His dad is tweeting memories so one day, when he’s old enough, he can read through those memories.

Let me just end this post by saying that when I was 6 years old, I was playing with sticks and stones and mud!!! The most technologically advance toy I had was my older brother’s bike!


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