Friday Bloggin’

22 Jul

Okay, so its Friday (one day I’ll be able to say that without thinking of that ear pollution made by Rebecca Black), and I’ve been around some friends that I haven’t kept in contact with because of my departure from Facebook.

It was a nice experience.

It went down like, “So what’s been up? Whatcha been doin'”.

Finally got to experience the benefits of this minor experiment – to geniunely connect with human interaction, and not static and electric impulses, not statuses and comments.

“Hypocrite!!! If that’s what you want, then why are you blogging?!?!?”

Ha! yes, I’m a bit torn about this myself. Well, I always remind myself the fundamental value of this blog. I started the blog because of expression. And I’m also pretty sure no one’s reading this, and that gives me great liberty to freely express any view or feeling I want.

That is my mantra, that is my matrix.

If anything — I’m just rambling on and on, and maybe someday, when this blog has long been abandoned, left to rot in cyberspace, I’ll come across it again and hopefully conjure up good feelings and good memories. 

I’ve seen this happen.

My wife started a blog almost 5 years ago. It was PRE-FACEBOOK EXPLOSION. It was a way for our college friends to stay in touch of what was happening with us. The last post was in 2008. Yet, I got a great deal of pleasure from reading our history, from my wife’s point of view.

If I can do that with this blog someday, then I will be very blessed. I have to show off, however, — I have officially blogged enough to consider it a consistent part of my life. And if this is the last blog post that is ever published on this waste of space — well — it was a great ride while it lasted.

My Yammering Uselessly into a faceless, emotionless world, may actually go down with some meaning in my life.

So peace unto you, on this Friday.

(Note to self: I hope by the time you’ve forgetten about this and moved onto other useless things, I hope you would’ve already accomplished this short list of Must Do’s:
1.) Go see Meg and Dia live.
2.) Throw AND catch a boomerang.
3.) Buy and read a Tennyson Poetry book.

Thanks boss.)


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