Mondays Come Faster than Fridays.

25 Jul

I’m going to try and write something insightful, but I am looking and functioning through a haze of allergies and sickness. Why I am at work, I don’t know. I guess they can’t survive without me (or atleast I like to think so).

I am (in my soft and understated self) OUTRAGED at the fact that the media has labeled Anders Behring Breivik as a CHRISTIAN extremist. But then I had to step back and really look at what’s important first.

The Victims.
My condolences to the families involved, who have lost precious family members and dear friends. I read in the News that almost every household in the city is affected directly by this event. Healing will come in time, but for now, grieving and mourning must take its natural course. Its never right to have to bury a friend, a brother, a sister, a son, or daughter.

This man  was no Christian. Many will argue that countless lives have been snuffed out in the name of Christianity. Those guilty of such acts do not represent Christ, nor do they represent Christians. Though many crimes have been committed in the name of God or Allah, or whatever higher power, beneath the surface, there is an inbalance, a wrong and a twisted view of Truth.

Of course, I’m sure many will jump at this opportunity to blast Christianity, Jesus Christ, or God. I’m sure many atheists have already condemned us along with this wicked man, and painted us with the same brush. But I would like to be the voice (even though little and ineffective in this world) that says, “We are not like him, and he is not like us. Please don’t paint us with the same brush.”


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