Am I in the wrong Blog?

27 Jul

Time and time again I peruse through CNN’s Belief Blog. There are very interesting articles there, and at times, I do like to sift through the comment section– just to see where people are at. Obviously, me being Christian, I tend to gravitate towards things that pertain to Christianity, whether positive or negative.

I am trying to be more understanding and non-judgmental when it comes to reading comments on the blog. BUT, what amazes me the most, is that there appears to be more atheists than Christians on that website. HAHAHAHA… funny isn’t it? IT’S NOT? Oh, sorry, it was funny to me.

I thought that the whole premise of the “Belief Blog” was to report on stories that reflected “faith” or different “faiths”. I may be TOTALLY wrong here, but what’s an atheist doing in the blog? I know, I get it, we all have the desire to be heard, and to be accepted, and there’s a resurgence of atheistic pride and proclamation, but, aren’t there other forums and platforms for that? Maybe there’s a “Non-Belief Blog”? But what fun would that be? There’s no one to call illogic, or stupid, or backwards, etc. (just some of our more friendly descriptions on the belief blog, and trust me, they are not all friendly). I guess we CAN’T just leave each other alone. Maybe this is an epic battle that has been going for centuries and centuries and we’ve taken it from the battle fields, into the cold and dark corners of the inter-web where there’s no rules of engagement, no honour, just no-holds bar verbal attacks (and I’m speaking about sides).  

At the end of the day, I think I would like gnostics more. They seem more calm and respond like, “Well, we just can’t know for sure…” or “maybe its true… but maybe its not true…. we’ll never know……let’s go get some slurpees” (not to say I wouldn’t enjoy a slurpee with anybody else).


2 Responses to “Am I in the wrong Blog?”

  1. thebiblereader July 29, 2011 at 4:34 am #

    I find the CNN belief blog very informative, and I find they will tackle topics that most Christians are completely ignorant of or to afraid to talk about.

    • Vancouver Juls July 29, 2011 at 3:46 pm #

      Yes I agree, but sometimes it can get a little much with all the negative comments that have nothing to do with the actual article.

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