Friday Bloggin’

29 Jul

ITS FRIDAY!!! (Curse you Rebecca Black — how long will you haunt me!?!?)

Its a great Vancouver Day — you know the drill: sun, clouds, chance of rain.

Today, I will be writing about a controversial topic. But first, I ask, is there a way to write about homosexuality without ruffling some people’s feathered boa? Okay, sorry, that is the first and last reference of that nature.

This week is Vancouver’s Pride Parade.


A Kwantlen University Professor made the news this week about a tweet he had made concerning the Parade, how it should be banned because it was vulgar (I’m paraphrasing of course). OF COURSE, the horsemen came out charging, with no mercy nor honour, and attacked this professor via twitterverse.

My stand:
The prof has a point. Though I don’t think we should ‘ban’ specific people groups because of our freedoms and rights, the professor spoke out against a group that has owned ‘speaking out’.  The Parade is vulgar. If you don’t like that word, then, how about ‘inappropriate in a public setting’? While the parade coordinators have advertised this event as ‘family friendly’, I don’t know whether that is actually accurate.

Here’s the bottom line: There are actions taking place on the floats and on display SO inappropriate, that if you were to take photos, print them, and bind them as a magazine– you would not DARE even show it to your children. Some of the costumes alone warrant a Disclaimer before Viewing sign. You probably would find that grouping of photos in the back shelf of the magazine rack, along with other ‘inappropriate in a public setting’ type magazines.

But no, how dare we speak out against homosexuality? People are gay, fine, that’s your life. I’m not gay, and that’s fine, and that’s my life. Why does it have to be flaunted? I think people are just getting sick of having homosexuality thrown in their faces, and then we’re suppose to feel like the enemies for feeling the way we feel.

FINE, let’s get over it, let’s move on — for pete’s sake!  Why does it seem like for some, its out of the closet and onto the front of the stage? I’m sure there are people who would hate me for writing this, but I don’t care. Discrimination comes FROM all forms.

well, that was really heavy stuff, and I’m not one to publish these thoughts normally, but, what the heck… Let’s ALL have a wonderful weekend, with friends, family, and of course… frivolity.

Happy Friday


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