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Family Growing Pains.

31 Aug


There is no such thing as an ideal family, because when you think your family is quite harmless, the storms of life are sure to cause strains. I don’t have much to complain about — and quite honestly I really am in no position, in the place to complain. I am a distant son. I am not one for public family gatherings. Even at my age, I still kringe at the thought of a family dinner at the local restaurant. And its not just my family, even with the in-laws. Its not that I had a horrible childhood. In fact, my childhood was full of great memories — far more good than bad. And the bad, well, that’s been forgiven and forgotten — except on holidays when, inevitably, those stories come back to life.


In any family, there will be hurt. Most hurts can be fixed, hopefully none remain unrepairable. We will get hurt. We all know that its the ones who are closest, who can hurt us the most. Those are near and dear to our hearts usually has the perfect striking distance. The biggest problem with hurt, is that it we tend to carry it for a long time. We can hide it, manage it, even live with it.

Its a different feeling when you are the source of the hurt. I believe I hurt someone in my family, and its breaking my heart, and its tormenting my soul. My stomach feels like an empty pit, swallowing anything good and encouraging through out my day.

How to make things right.

Humility plays a gigantic role. But it needs a little more than that. Humility without expectancy. Its like not saying ‘sorry’ expecting to be forgiven. Its saying ‘sorry’ because you truly are.

I’m in my late 20’s and I’m only learning the true value of family, and those strong chords that bind us.


Pin*ing my way through the interweb.

30 Aug

This post won’t be as substantial as my other posts, simply because my life has been overtaken by…. pinterest.

I don’t know if anybody feels this way, but I feel tormented by my artistic impulses when I don’t find a way to express them. It was always easier when I was younger – through writing, poetry, art, music.

My new avenue for inspiration and exploration has been this wonderful website/app call pinterest. The first thing I get from this is that, it is a community full of artistic beings — looking to express, and to expell their artistic energies. Its awesome.

My tormented soul is finding light through the rubble of my life’s mundane activities. Let’s encourage each other to find that once inspired ‘us’.

Bring back the Musician.

29 Aug

Monday! Really? Already?

The weekend was a blitz. I did the Grouse Grind Saturday. For those interested, the Grind is a hike, 3 km long and 3 km high, up Grouse Mountain. The hike includes 2,850 steps. Not one step goes down. The whole way up, you are stepping up, carrying your own weight all 2,850 steps. It was the first of the year for me, and it was great! I finished in 1:21. Not bad, but I think I can cut it down to 1 hour.

But anyway, that’s not what the title’s about. Today I want to write about music. I love music, but please bring back the musician. Whatever happened to those musicians who spent their life discovering their sound? The musicians who didn’t settle for what was on the surface, but laboured and strove to find the purity of music? What happened to those musicians who dedicated their lives mastering their craft?

I’m so sick of turning the radio on and hearing some stupid drum machine on an endless synthetic loop. Its fake. Its false. Its plastic. Its shallow.

Please bring back the true musicians. Please bring back the true artists.

New BC Referendum: Bring Back the HST!!!

26 Aug

Today was an odd day in BC.

I was glad to see that the democratic ideal that Government is governed by its people is alive, well, and practiced. In British Columbia, a mail-in Referendum took place to vote whether to keep the Harmonized Sales Tax or to revert back to the Provincial Sales Tax + Goods and Services Tax.  The voting ballots went out, and came back winning by a narrow margin of 54%. I am a proud Canadian and a proud British Columbian because today, it was displayed that the people of British Columbia still had a voice. We proved today that we make the choice for our laws and legislation. And more importantly, we proved today that with united voices, we can stand against the tyranny of any government, that w0,e as a people, can move our governers to rule fairly, and justly, to rule in reflection of the wants of the common people.

But, there’s always a losing side.

I voted in favour of keeping the HST. As a citizen of this country, and as a resident of this province, I did my due diligence and informing myself, researching, and equipping myself to make the right decision- as I saw fit. I’m afraid, however, that the majority of the voters did not follow the same process. My hope is that all voters would make a decision based on information and not emotion. I feel that BC had a real chance of keeping the Governing body on its toes. But I’m afraid that by reverting to the PST/GST system, we’ve taken steps back into a battle of the “people against the government”.

Now we are left to with a $3,000,000,000,000.oo bill just to go back to the PST/GST system, which will eventually (mark my words) go back to HST because that is the way the whole country is moving.

Friday Bloggin’

26 Aug

Wow! This has been a long week. Vacation has thrown my body out of whack! It was a real struggle this week, especially the earlier part.

There were times in the day when it felt like time stood absolutely still. Well, atleast it felt like the hand on the clock was in slow motion, while all my actions were in real time. There’d be times when I would check the clock and say, “What! It’s only been five minutes since I last looked at the clock!” Yeah it was brutal.

Things seem to go smoothly right into the weekend. I’ll be doing the Grouse Grind with my wife’s uncle tomorrow, and some other people. If I’ve learned anything during vacation, it was that my body is no longer the shape I want it to be. The ‘V’ is looking more and more like a ‘O’. The six pack has long been covered in insulation. The energy level is no longer comparable to a cheetah, but closer to a wart hog.

28 is a horrible year. I think 28 has been my laziest, most unproductive year – physically. Its like I’ve given up because I’m no longer considered to be in my mid 20’s. I stopped caring because I’m resigned to the fact that I’m entering my 30’s. I’M IN LIMBO!

So far, all my attempts at starting a fitness program have failed. WHAT IS THE SECRET? Is there an internal switch in the brain, that when toggled, all of a sudden all my desires to be physically tuned up just easily flows and works itself out even in my calendar and dayplanner?

I think not. I think someone said something about self will, or self determination. What the heck is that?

With the changes and attempts at changes this year, the most lasting though, would have to be my exodus from Facebook. Yes, I don’t know how long its actually been, but I’ve successfully stayed away, without even the temptation to return — except for my most recent visit from my Aunt.

See, we love our Aunt and Uncle and we love their kids and they love us. She was sad that I haven’t talked to her or emailed or even seen pictures of the kids. I guess, that’s when the pure good of Facebook could actually benefit me.

Another change that seems to be more on the lasting side of things — is this blog. Wooohoo! I didn’t think I could actually keep up with a blog, but I am determined now, more than ever, to yammer uselessly about my life.

Vacation House View

24 Aug
Pender Island Vacation House

We just recently returned from a very wonderful and relaxing trip to Pender Island. We, along with our friends, decided to go out on a limb and vacation together – not knowing the dynamics of vacationing with friends.

It was awesome.
Our vacation house sat at the top of a bluff overlooking Moresby Island while it sat in the Georgia Strait. Serenity. We got our first glimpse of this wonderful view at 10pm. We walked out onto the walkway and there it was. Breathtaking. The moon’s glow gently illuminating the water softly, the islands, in stark contrast to the glowing waters — pitch black, as if untouched, undiscovered, untainted.
The house was amazing. A sun room ran the length of the bottom floor, on the side facing the sun. Daybeds and couches were strewn about and an outdoor dining area for those sunset dinners. The main dining and open kitchen was where we spent most of our time. We cooked, we played games, we ate, we laughed, and even turned the kitchen into an impromptu dance floor while the air was filled with frank sinatra’s enigmatic voice.
While much could be said about every room in the house, I’ll have to tuck those details away for another time. However, there’s much to be said about the top floor. Atop the house was a deck.
And on this deck you were given a great view of not only the islands scattered along the Georgia Strait, but also Mt. Baker in the distance. As if the view was not enough, the owners decided to put the proverbial cherry on top — that is, a hot tub ontop of the house. Yes, we sat in the comfort of the whirling jets while we took in the breathtaking view, while the sun set its self behind the Earth.
I truly gained memories that I will cherish forever.

You Don’t Know Jack! Goodbye Mr. Layton.

23 Aug

I have to start this blog by saying, I was not a supporter of Jack Layton.

Jack Layton, to me, came across as accusative and antagonistic. I always thought to myself, “Yeah Jack, but you’ve never had any experience in leading the country! What do you know?” I have swallowed those words.

Should a man be judged by his life, or his death? Should a man be judged by his words, or by his acts?

In life, Jack Layton was a fighter. Whether you agreed with him or not, you knew that he was not the kind to quietly go scurrying into the shadows. Jack Layton fought for Canada. Now, whether his view of Canada was different from yours, that’s not the point. Atleast he fought for what we thought this great country should be. While he argued and debated, all most of us did was ridicule from our arm chairs. While he moved a mass of people to vote, we barely influenced ourselves to find out what our political views truly are.

In death, Jack Layton was a fighter – no doubt. I was moved by his last will and testament to the Canadian people – his people. It felt that even in those last writ words, Jack was still fighting. Although he realized his battle was at the twilight of defeat, he was still fighting – fighting for us. He was fighting for Canadians to find a way to make our country better. He was fighting for other Cancer patients to keep going and keep hoping.

In words, Jack Layton had a clear view of what Canada should be. I must reiterate that I did not share the same views as Mr. Layton. But we both wanted the same things – a better Canada. I was very glad to see the NDP make it to the Opposition. To me, it spoke of great change in Canada’s Future. We were no longer in the grips of the Liberal Government, although they still lurk in the shadows, prowling, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce. A small part of me celebrated with the NDP as they finally gained substantial political ground.

In acts, Jack Layton was passionate. Whether you agreed with his passion or not, you could not deny the fact that he loved Canada. Jack Layton has reminded me that we should all strive to make this country better, to make our people stronger, to make our future brighter. In striving, sometimes we can rub people the wrong way, even our fellow canadians, but as long as we fight for what is best for this country, we’ll be just fine.

I hope that because of Jack’s life, more and more young people would commit to being involved in shaping our country’s political outlook. I hope that by Jack’s death, we would remember a man who loved his country, and that we would be inspired to act because of it.

Mr. Jack Layton, though I did not agree with you, thank you for making my Canada better.