Return to Simpler Joys

2 Aug

On Saturday, we got a late text from our friend: “BBQ, BYO- meat.” It was hot, it was sunny, I had been running silly errands all day, and I thought, “I want to do something fun.”

So, I convinced my wife to get a slip n’ slide. I hummed and hawwed about buying it because I really didn’t know if 15 ft would be enough to give me the pure bliss and enjoyment mixed with thrill and excitement that I’d been longing for. We even went to get the measuring tape to see if 15 feet would suffice.

We get to my friends house, and he looked at me and said, “Oh, I didn’t know you were serious.” But it didn’t take long to stir the fire burning within us – the fire for danger and careless abandonement. We set up the slide, I took one turn – and the thing broke. The dinky little slide wasn’t set up for a guy with the middle name ‘danger’.

Then it happened.

We looked and analyzed what went wrong, gathered forensic evidence, and even extrapolated some numbers and figures. Then my friend said, “I could probably get a 40ft plastic sheet at home depot for cheap.”

With that, he whisked away to home depot with our other friends and I manned the grill. Upon their return, the idea went from a 15 foot slide, to a 40 foot suggestion, then to a 60 foot glorious reality.  

1.) Slope – check
2.) 60 foot slide – check
3.) Dish soap for extra speed – check
4.) Freezing Glacial water to numb the pain of tearing muscles – check
5.) 4 grown men in their late 20’s, filled with boyish laughter and enjoyment – check
6.) A crowd of wives to show off to – check.

In one fell swoop – its like we were kids again. What started off as an inkling of an idea, turned into a grand device — an escape, a time machine that transported us to childhood summer days.

A few hours from that activity we were sitting on the porch talking about money, business, career, spiritual endeavours, and futures — matters that make us adults. But I was glad that for a brief moment, we had returned to simpler joys.


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