the Christian Atheist – Chapter… next.

2 Aug

Its been a while since I posted an update on my current read. Honestly, I just recently picked it up again. I’m on Chapter something…Yesterday, I read a good part of the book while laying out on Crescent Beach, BC.

Pastor Craig really has a nack for communicating truth in simplistic ways, that somehow, my simple mind understands. One piece of truth from the book was SO simple, yet so PROFOUND.

Pastor Craig was talking about believing that God loves everybody else, except for us. He states that the Christian Atheist has convinced himself that God DOES have the capacity to love people from all backgrounds and all different walks of life, but he does not believe, or even live like God could ever love him for his sins.

I can definitely understand that. We watch missions videos about people in Russia or the Philippines, or some other third world country, and we think, “Yeah, you know what, God DOES love those people, and God DOES want to reach out to them.” But how many times do we think, “God doesn’t want me. He doesn’t want to use me.” We get stuck in the cycle of self pity and we never really grasp the whole capacity – the breadth, the height, the depth of God’s love — FOR NOBODY ELSE — but for me.

And then, he said it: Love is not what God does, it’s who He is.


Love isn’t just an action taken on by God? Love isn’t just a choice He makes every time He sees our wicked hearts? It’s not just a decision He made by sending His Son? Its not just an extension of His Supreme Deity? Its all those things, but why? Because He is love.

God IS love.

Mind officially blown. God is everything that is good, all-together lovely, all-together worthy — all-together wonderful to me.

I don’t know if this is making any sense — but it made perfect sense to me. The Bible describes God as a jealous God, but He is not jealousy. He is described as having wrath and vengeance for the wicked, but He is not wrath, He is not vengeance. He is Love.


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