You Don’t Know Jack! Goodbye Mr. Layton.

23 Aug

I have to start this blog by saying, I was not a supporter of Jack Layton.

Jack Layton, to me, came across as accusative and antagonistic. I always thought to myself, “Yeah Jack, but you’ve never had any experience in leading the country! What do you know?” I have swallowed those words.

Should a man be judged by his life, or his death? Should a man be judged by his words, or by his acts?

In life, Jack Layton was a fighter. Whether you agreed with him or not, you knew that he was not the kind to quietly go scurrying into the shadows. Jack Layton fought for Canada. Now, whether his view of Canada was different from yours, that’s not the point. Atleast he fought for what we thought this great country should be. While he argued and debated, all most of us did was ridicule from our arm chairs. While he moved a mass of people to vote, we barely influenced ourselves to find out what our political views truly are.

In death, Jack Layton was a fighter – no doubt. I was moved by his last will and testament to the Canadian people – his people. It felt that even in those last writ words, Jack was still fighting. Although he realized his battle was at the twilight of defeat, he was still fighting – fighting for us. He was fighting for Canadians to find a way to make our country better. He was fighting for other Cancer patients to keep going and keep hoping.

In words, Jack Layton had a clear view of what Canada should be. I must reiterate that I did not share the same views as Mr. Layton. But we both wanted the same things – a better Canada. I was very glad to see the NDP make it to the Opposition. To me, it spoke of great change in Canada’s Future. We were no longer in the grips of the Liberal Government, although they still lurk in the shadows, prowling, waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce. A small part of me celebrated with the NDP as they finally gained substantial political ground.

In acts, Jack Layton was passionate. Whether you agreed with his passion or not, you could not deny the fact that he loved Canada. Jack Layton has reminded me that we should all strive to make this country better, to make our people stronger, to make our future brighter. In striving, sometimes we can rub people the wrong way, even our fellow canadians, but as long as we fight for what is best for this country, we’ll be just fine.

I hope that because of Jack’s life, more and more young people would commit to being involved in shaping our country’s political outlook. I hope that by Jack’s death, we would remember a man who loved his country, and that we would be inspired to act because of it.

Mr. Jack Layton, though I did not agree with you, thank you for making my Canada better.


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