Vacation House View

24 Aug
Pender Island Vacation House

We just recently returned from a very wonderful and relaxing trip to Pender Island. We, along with our friends, decided to go out on a limb and vacation together – not knowing the dynamics of vacationing with friends.

It was awesome.
Our vacation house sat at the top of a bluff overlooking Moresby Island while it sat in the Georgia Strait. Serenity. We got our first glimpse of this wonderful view at 10pm. We walked out onto the walkway and there it was. Breathtaking. The moon’s glow gently illuminating the water softly, the islands, in stark contrast to the glowing waters — pitch black, as if untouched, undiscovered, untainted.
The house was amazing. A sun room ran the length of the bottom floor, on the side facing the sun. Daybeds and couches were strewn about and an outdoor dining area for those sunset dinners. The main dining and open kitchen was where we spent most of our time. We cooked, we played games, we ate, we laughed, and even turned the kitchen into an impromptu dance floor while the air was filled with frank sinatra’s enigmatic voice.
While much could be said about every room in the house, I’ll have to tuck those details away for another time. However, there’s much to be said about the top floor. Atop the house was a deck.
And on this deck you were given a great view of not only the islands scattered along the Georgia Strait, but also Mt. Baker in the distance. As if the view was not enough, the owners decided to put the proverbial cherry on top — that is, a hot tub ontop of the house. Yes, we sat in the comfort of the whirling jets while we took in the breathtaking view, while the sun set its self behind the Earth.
I truly gained memories that I will cherish forever.

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