Friday Bloggin’

26 Aug

Wow! This has been a long week. Vacation has thrown my body out of whack! It was a real struggle this week, especially the earlier part.

There were times in the day when it felt like time stood absolutely still. Well, atleast it felt like the hand on the clock was in slow motion, while all my actions were in real time. There’d be times when I would check the clock and say, “What! It’s only been five minutes since I last looked at the clock!” Yeah it was brutal.

Things seem to go smoothly right into the weekend. I’ll be doing the Grouse Grind with my wife’s uncle tomorrow, and some other people. If I’ve learned anything during vacation, it was that my body is no longer the shape I want it to be. The ‘V’ is looking more and more like a ‘O’. The six pack has long been covered in insulation. The energy level is no longer comparable to a cheetah, but closer to a wart hog.

28 is a horrible year. I think 28 has been my laziest, most unproductive year – physically. Its like I’ve given up because I’m no longer considered to be in my mid 20’s. I stopped caring because I’m resigned to the fact that I’m entering my 30’s. I’M IN LIMBO!

So far, all my attempts at starting a fitness program have failed. WHAT IS THE SECRET? Is there an internal switch in the brain, that when toggled, all of a sudden all my desires to be physically tuned up just easily flows and works itself out even in my calendar and dayplanner?

I think not. I think someone said something about self will, or self determination. What the heck is that?

With the changes and attempts at changes this year, the most lasting though, would have to be my exodus from Facebook. Yes, I don’t know how long its actually been, but I’ve successfully stayed away, without even the temptation to return — except for my most recent visit from my Aunt.

See, we love our Aunt and Uncle and we love their kids and they love us. She was sad that I haven’t talked to her or emailed or even seen pictures of the kids. I guess, that’s when the pure good of Facebook could actually benefit me.

Another change that seems to be more on the lasting side of things — is this blog. Wooohoo! I didn’t think I could actually keep up with a blog, but I am determined now, more than ever, to yammer uselessly about my life.


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