New BC Referendum: Bring Back the HST!!!

26 Aug

Today was an odd day in BC.

I was glad to see that the democratic ideal that Government is governed by its people is alive, well, and practiced. In British Columbia, a mail-in Referendum took place to vote whether to keep the Harmonized Sales Tax or to revert back to the Provincial Sales Tax + Goods and Services Tax.  The voting ballots went out, and came back winning by a narrow margin of 54%. I am a proud Canadian and a proud British Columbian because today, it was displayed that the people of British Columbia still had a voice. We proved today that we make the choice for our laws and legislation. And more importantly, we proved today that with united voices, we can stand against the tyranny of any government, that w0,e as a people, can move our governers to rule fairly, and justly, to rule in reflection of the wants of the common people.

But, there’s always a losing side.

I voted in favour of keeping the HST. As a citizen of this country, and as a resident of this province, I did my due diligence and informing myself, researching, and equipping myself to make the right decision- as I saw fit. I’m afraid, however, that the majority of the voters did not follow the same process. My hope is that all voters would make a decision based on information and not emotion. I feel that BC had a real chance of keeping the Governing body on its toes. But I’m afraid that by reverting to the PST/GST system, we’ve taken steps back into a battle of the “people against the government”.

Now we are left to with a $3,000,000,000,000.oo bill just to go back to the PST/GST system, which will eventually (mark my words) go back to HST because that is the way the whole country is moving.


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