Family Growing Pains.

31 Aug


There is no such thing as an ideal family, because when you think your family is quite harmless, the storms of life are sure to cause strains. I don’t have much to complain about — and quite honestly I really am in no position, in the place to complain. I am a distant son. I am not one for public family gatherings. Even at my age, I still kringe at the thought of a family dinner at the local restaurant. And its not just my family, even with the in-laws. Its not that I had a horrible childhood. In fact, my childhood was full of great memories — far more good than bad. And the bad, well, that’s been forgiven and forgotten — except on holidays when, inevitably, those stories come back to life.


In any family, there will be hurt. Most hurts can be fixed, hopefully none remain unrepairable. We will get hurt. We all know that its the ones who are closest, who can hurt us the most. Those are near and dear to our hearts usually has the perfect striking distance. The biggest problem with hurt, is that it we tend to carry it for a long time. We can hide it, manage it, even live with it.

Its a different feeling when you are the source of the hurt. I believe I hurt someone in my family, and its breaking my heart, and its tormenting my soul. My stomach feels like an empty pit, swallowing anything good and encouraging through out my day.

How to make things right.

Humility plays a gigantic role. But it needs a little more than that. Humility without expectancy. Its like not saying ‘sorry’ expecting to be forgiven. Its saying ‘sorry’ because you truly are.

I’m in my late 20’s and I’m only learning the true value of family, and those strong chords that bind us.


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