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Friday Bloggin’

30 Sep

Happy Friday!!!

Not sure what my mind will wander off to today. But here’s a rabbit trail:

A top court has decided that Vancouver’s Insite clinic is separate from drug laws and will continue to be allowed to provide drug users with clean needles and clean DRUGS. Also, this is funded by tax payers. The drugs being given to these drug addicts are paid by our hard earned — crime free — law abiding — money.

So, I get to work in a job, in which I’ve put in hours of labour just to get to where I am, and pay the government the taxes they ask for, and drug users can take that money to support their habit? That’s totally screwed up.

Why, as a society, are we rewarding the lawbreakers at the expense of the citizens who actually contribute to this society, who actually pay for the salaries of our governors and rulers? This world is backwards. It is upside down!

Also in news, a man convicted of manslaughter for stealing gas at a station, and knowingly dragging an attendant underneath his car for several kilometres, is out on parole. This murderer served 6 YEARS, was out on parole – broke his parole, and now is out on parole again with more conditions. How is 6 years an equal measure of the loss of life? How does 6 years in jail equate to the life of a young man? Our justice system is a joke, our law makers and enforcers are jokes, no wonder crime is attractive to individuals. This society is upside down.


Debbie Downer

29 Sep


Everything I’ve written about lately has been so negative.

So let’s change it up. The biggest disappointment and the biggest heart ache of my life is the fact that my wife and I still don’t have children. We have been married for over 5 years. My wife is a great friend, a great companion, and she would just be the greatest mom I know. We have celebrated, and endured our friends having kids, only to be saddened by our loneliness, which we know could only be filled by our children. I have been angry at God at times whenever I hear stories about child abandonement or child abuse. I wondered, in His infinite wisdom, and endless love, and immeasureable mercy, why He would allow children to be born in tragic situations. Every child deserves a good home. I asked why people who are mean to their kids keep having kids, when we don’t even have one. I know in my heart of hearts that I would be a good father – not a perfect father, but one who tried to be a good father.

In the past few months my wife has been taking fertility medicine, and today, I got the news that it was working. No babies yet, but atleast we know that the meds were working! Hearing this today, just lifted me out of the fog. The greatest achievement in my life would be to have a child. To look into those precious eyes. To hold their hand when they cross the street. To kiss them when they’re hurt. To love them, when they’ve gone astray.

I hope to blog about some greater news in the future. But for now, the thought of my unborn children will have to suffice – and its definitely enough to keep me smiling from ear to ear.

A Lesson in Obedience and Submission.

29 Sep

Obedience and Submission.

For the most part, it is easy to obey and to submit to the authority of God. We have His word, and the Holy Spirit, and the freedom and liberty to live according to how God wants us to live (as its revealed in His Word by His Holy Spirit). As long as we stick to the formula, even hard decisions of obedience can be made.

My frustration doesn’t come out of obeying God’s Word when it comes to solid, doctrinal issues. For example, I don’t struggle with things like drinking. Though the Word of God does not directly say, “Thou shalt not get sauced”, there is enough warning against it, there is wisdom in staying away from it. And the real issue is WANT, and never NEED, anyway. Timothy was told to drink wine because of a health NEED. We’re probably not going to get an OK from God to get hammered just because we WANT to. My frustration mainly comes from things like preferences. I hate that word. We misuse that word. We give it authority, like its got some weight to it. We even give it some spiritual weight, as long as its a preference from a Pastor.

BUT, I realized, as long as I’m under the authority of the Pastor, I HAVE to live with his preference. I really have no choice. It is not my place to change his preferences. I can encourage him, and challenge those preferences, but it’s never my duty, never my calling and purpose to make him agree with me. Its his church, his vision, his way.

I realized also that my obedience to man is temporary. One day, I won’t want to submit myself under the authority of a particular man, or a particular culture of worship. One day, I’ll want to find, cultivate, and express my own way of worshipping, how I feel God is leading me to worship.

The more I stay where I am, the more and more I am desiring to find that way. I hate the feeling that I’m contributing to this Church culture. But obedience and submission must have its place. But not for long.


28 Sep

Last night, former Vice President Dick Cheney was at a prestigeous Vancouver Club to speak and promote his new book and memoir. The event was private, only open to those willing to fork out $500 for dinner and a speech.

Of course, in true leftist Canadian fashion, protestors were on hand calling for the arrest of the war criminal Dick Cheney. Several Amnesty groups have been calling for the indictment of Cheney and President Bush for their “torture tactics” of prisoners of war. Apparently, president Bush and vp Cheney allowed the U.S. military to carry out “waterboarding” and other practices that are deemed war crimes by Amnesty and anti-war groups.

There are several things that bother me about this whole story. First of all, the lack of perspective on the part of the Protestors. Honestly, are they really going to be able arrest former VP Cheney? Really? I really really really love it when we Canadians get on this “WORLD JUSTICE” patrol when WE’VE DONE NOTHING FOR OUR FREEDOM. We, as a Canadian Nation, were GIVEN our liberty – literally handed to us. Just imagine the Canadian leaders going to the Queen and her ministries and asking, “Can we please be our own country?” to which the Queen responds with, “Sure”.

Though many great Canadian soldiers fought in some of the fiercest wars throughout history, NONE OF THOSE WERE FOUGHT ON OUR SOIL. We have NEVER paid the price for our freedom, we have never known war, we have NEVER known tyranny! And I love it when we paint our leaders like Prime Minister Harper as some villainous, egomaniac, unforgiving, unrelenting, monster of a leader. Really? Would you rather have President Obama – who has spent more in his FIRST TERM, than all the presidents combined. Would you rather have Ghadafi? No wait, maybe we’d rather have some weak sauce of a leader who’ll put all our money into Quebec and Toronto.

I’m getting off topic here.

These protestors were seen hurling their bodies at the police, assaulting patrons of the club, and ATTACKING security guards — and they’re suppose to be protesting violence and torture? This supposed “peace” advocates should really be fired or banned from representing their cause. For me, these people hurt your cause. You want something taken seriously, have the right people representing you.

Shame on you vancouverites who give our wonderful and beautiful city an ugly face.

Good Monday!!!

26 Sep

Had a great weekend, the highlight being able to hang out with some friends. Its funny how, no matter how the evening starts, the conversation always turns to ministry. I guess it goes to show what’s in our heart. Mainly, we talk about our struggles to creatively express our worship in this world, while being suppressed by traditions and opinions of men.

Sadly, that is where we are at. We think more highly of what our “leaders” and those who have “gone before us” or “sat where we sat” than what we know God is telling us in His Word.

But I am optimistic. I am excited for change. I am excited for what is happening in our circles. There is an awakening, a rebirth of our ideals, a re-freshening of ministry and our methods in this world. There will always be those who will oppose change. Those who do not accept change are left to criticize from the shadows.

I am glad to be here, at this time in history, at this point of life, and in this circle of friends and peers.

Good bye crazies!!

Friday Bloggin’

23 Sep

This post is coming a little bit later than usual — due to technical problems with the computer.

Technology is wonderful, until it stops working. Its amazing how dependant I am on this computer. Just last year, I could actually say that my life was on the internet. All my conversations, connections, all my pictures, my experiences, my activities, my day to day musings were on the web through this wonderful life sucking device called my computer.

There’s something deeply wrong with that. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to stay off the social media outlets. I can live with my professional life, organizational tools and equipment being on the net, and easily accessed, but I am not going to let my social life be based on electronic impulses. I would rather feel the warmth of a friends hug, then the warmth of a glowing LCD screen. I would much rather laugh outloud, than LOL. The older I get, the more I want to distance myself with connections on the computer. Not that I’m an overly sociable guy (I prefer solitude more oft than not). One day, I would love to meet a stranger. Just someone maybe from the market, or at the coffee shop. Maybe someone who I can bump into, and have things in common with, and have a perfect conversation with.

I read a story that, everytime I read I get teary-eyed. The story is a personal account of a normal man who goes jogging at the same park. This one particular day, during his jog, he stopped at a bench to catch his breath, and it so happens that an older, senior gentleman was sharing the bench with him. The story goes that they begin a casual, light, insignificant conversation. Then hours later, they’ve laughed, cried, and shared some of their most intimate, most vulnerable aspects of their life. That man jogged away, having met a perfect stranger to connect with. The story ends with this man finding out that his friend, who sat at the bench with him, had died just hours they had parted. He was still on the bench.

There must be someone to make that kind of connection with. There must be someone out there longing for those connections as much as I am.

Christians, Tattoos, and Taboos.

21 Sep

So, here’s another profound thought and observation:

Christians and Tattoos. What’s the deal? Where do we stand? More importantly, what does the Bible have to say about it?

Okay, I want to begin by saying that tattoos are cool. Historically, tattoos were used for a purpose. Several cultures used them to either portray a significant event in their life, to represent a certain icon, or to represent even a religious meaning.

In North America, tattoos were viewed as villanous, evil, and wicked. Nowadays, some people get tattoos because they want to commemorate something special, something that means deeply to them. Most, I would say, get it because it has become an accessory, a cosmetic accent, something fashionable.

For me, I would love to get a tattoo. But what does the Bible say? Okay, the most obvious verse we use is when Paul says, “Know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost…” or “Ye are not your own, for ye bought with a price.” For those two verses alone, I step away from my own desire to get a tattoo, in order to stay obedient to God’s Word.

It’s not the fact that I can’t get a tattoo that bothers me. What bothers me the most is that 100% of Pastors will preach against tattoos, but 100% of the same Pastors won’t preach against women and earrings. Talk about mutilating the body which God created. Let’s draw some comparisons here. Tattoos can be used for cosmetic and asthetic purposes. They look good. Women pierce their ears because they want earrings. Both of these practices deviate the body which God has created. Obviously, one is more accepted than the other, but why? how come women are allowed to mutilate their body? And their purpose – purely asthetic, shallow, and selfish reasons.

I hate that we won’t even talk about this in our churches because its been “culturally accepted”. The problem also is that we’ll preach against women wearing pants for an entire hour (with very shaky Biblical truth), but we won’t even preach against women “adorning themselves” and “plating” their hair when that is actually a written Truth in God’s Word.

More and more I get frustrated with this cultural of Christianity, where we pick and choose what we believe, or what is culturally accepted. I say, if women are allowed to mutilate their bodies and get piercings, then I should be allowed to get a tattoo.