Does anybody have an Island I can borrow?

1 Sep

You know that feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed? Its a horrible sickening feeling. You know, things are going to happen that is going to stress you out, but you can’t do anything about it. AND everything seems to move in slow motion towards those stressful situations.

I need an Island.

Sometimes I feel I was made for solitary confinement. An Island would be perfect because it implies a beach! All I would need would be, a collection of books, a surf board, a guitar, my itunes library on my ipod, my headphones, a hammock, and fried spam.

We all need to be secluded sometimes. Though I won’t be hunting for an Island anytime soon, I’m looking forward to doing the Grouse Grind again and trying to beat my own time. But even that time of seclusion is being threatened. What I need is some good ol’ Music Therapy.

I used to sit for hours watching the sun go down at English Bay, with my headphones on. There’s something about music – the right kind of music – that gets me, calms me, moves me. Sometimes, I would sit on a bench on the Sea Wall, and just play away, like there’s nobody else there – just me and the setting sun.

So, find some time alone. Listen to what you love. Day dream about things, places, and people. Calm yourself, and remember that music makes things better.


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