Friday Bloggin’: Chaz Bono

2 Sep

For this week’s edition of Friday Bloggin’ I thought I’d write about something that’s in the fore front (I guess) of most media (tabloid) outlets at the moment.

Chaz Bono on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has raised quite a few eyebrows. Several conservative (religious and non religious) groups have opted to voice their dislike for the shows choice for this seasons program. Granted, the show has raised a few eyebrows in the past. Have we forgotten that it was this show, on this network, that they showcase two female dancers as partners?

My first reaction to Chaz Bono being elected was, “C’mon Guys, have we really run out of people to ask to be in the show?” I mean, there are tons of has-beens, forgotten child stars, and over stated but under worked actors and “stars” out there! And they went with Chaz Bono? Just from a viewer’s point of view: Get some people we want to watch.

My second reaction was, “I probably won’t be watching her.” Yes, the choice is within my grasp and within my will and my strength to either change the channel or turn the TV off when she’s on. I would do that because I have a feeling she’s going to do horribly. Secondly, I would do that because I don’t like manly women – its not my thing.

(Yes I keep referring to her as a female because that is how she was created. If she has decided to change that, then she can change her own references to herself.)

Bottom line – I don’t have to agree with everybody I meet, and I can, of my own choice and power, extract myself from situations which I don’t agree with. For all the people that have screamed, blogged, gossiped, and even spoke out to the media to – GET OVER IT. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, THEN DON’T WATCH THE SHOW!!!!!

People decided not to subject themselves to images or messages they do not agree with all the time. YOU PROBABLY DID IT THIS WEEK. If there’s a joke or conversion that you didn’t like, you probably withdrew yourself. If you’re an atheist and don’t believe in God, then you choose every week NOT to go to church. Christian don’t go to clubs, or bars because they don’t agree with the lifestyle. But they’re not outside the club bangin’ on the windows telling everybody ‘I DON’T AGREE WITH THIS!!!!!’ (atleast they shouldn’t)

I’m all for speaking out, as long as its directed at evils that this world should not overlook. I definitely would speak out against Abortion. I would speak out about the Dolphin Killings in Taiji, Japan. I would definitely speak out against Islam’s mistreatment of women. I would definitely speak out against narrow minded fellow Christians who misrepresent the Love of Christ. But if its something that can be remedied by walking away or changing the channel, well then… why not just do that?

Have a great weekend! Grouse Grind here I come! I will try and beat my time of 1:21, and get closer to my goal of 1 hour. Peace, Love, and Joy my friends!


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