Post Labour Day

6 Sep

Its over. Summer is finally on its way out. Though this week will still give us the summer weather, we all know that fall is around the corner. School is starting, scarves and jackets are making their way out of the closets in the morning and evenings. Ahhhh… I love the Vancouver Fall.

Well, this weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night, we all went to the Night Market in Richmond. This was the first time we’d gone in a very long time. We generally stay away from places that have loud music, stupid teenagers, and idiotic drivers. But, for the sake of our visiting family, we decided to indulge ourselves in one of Vancouver’s finest display of useless mercanting, and the indulgence of certain obscure foods.

The food was excellent! If I were to go back, it would definitely be for the food. First, I met a guy selling “southern” style pulled pork. I was definitely interested. He turned out to be from Mobile Alabama – the armpit of Americe (As I like to call it). The pulled pork was excellent, and I passed on the giant turkey leg. Second we had some filipino sumthin’ sumthin’ which is always good. Then, it was a smorgasborg of things from all corners of the world. We ate a lot, to say the least.

Of course, I had to behave myself, having planned to do the Grouse Grind again the next morning. I was determined to beat my time of 1:21. Saturday morning came, and I woke up late, but got out in enough time to be able to do the Grind before the big crowds. Even then, I had to park way in the back of the lot. I started my hike with a plan: only stop if necessary, but don’t stop at all. I had great intentions to begin with. I had my Ipod nano set to my best of  ’90’s mix. My pedometer was going – then in the first 5 minutes of my hike, my legs started burning. I thought,”There’s no way I should be struggling so early in this match.” I thought I was gonna die – but I didn’t. I trucked it along. The only time I actually stopped was to get my gatorade out of my bag. For some odd reason I missed the halfway sign. I was so zoned in on hiking that I actually missed the giant “1/2 Mark” sign. Once I got close to the top, I had intentions of running, even sprinting all the way up to the pin. I tried, but I literally had no energy left in my body. I tried moving my legs faster, but nothing happened. I finally made it to the pin and stopped my pedometer. I didn’t even check my time. I was too busy trying not to hurl. I was trying to maintain a regular heartbeat, and take in as much oxygen as I could (swallowing a mosquito in the process). When all that was done, I sat in the lodge and checked my time: 0.59.15. I have never fist pumped in public, but that day, I did! I didn’t care who was in that room, I celebrated like I had just won a championship. It was a victory. I really was expecting to do it in over an hour. But to be able to beat my time, and go under an hour, I was thrilled!

For Labour Day we decided that after a good old fashioned Chinese brunch, we’d go to Steveston dock and get some Screamers. If you don’t know what screamers are, they are slurpees with soft serve ice cream mixed in with it. They are divine. I used to get them from Danny’s Market when I was in highschool. The highlight of the Steveston visit was me stumbling upon a little Records store called  the Beat Merchant. They sold Vinyls so I sifted through the crates and found a Roberta Flack and a Sinatra album that I wanted to get. But the coolest thing was that I asked if they were selling turntables (because I am in desperate need of one) and I bought one for $50!!! I am so psyched about my new pick up. I was debating whether to get a USB record player, or a real one, and I thought, I need to maintain the integrity, the pure sound of the musician, as it was meant to be recorded. I need soundwaves over digital read-outs.

To end our Labour Day weekend, we picked up 3 p0unds of prawns. We fried those and put some steaks on the grill, partnered with some home made mashed potatoes and an excellent salad. It was a good weekend.


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