Stuff Fundies Like.

7 Sep

There’s a website out there called Stuff Fundies Like that mocks the idiosyncransies that are prevalent in most Independant Fundamental Baptist Churches.

The blog is filled with funny material, and even down right weird. There were a few observations and questions that came to mind:

Where are these churches?
Who are these people/ministers?
Why would they do that?
People listen to this?
This is happening right now?

We can’t be ignorant of the things around us. The truth is, that there are these kind of Fundamental Churches that hold tightly to doctrine and walk within the straight and narrow, but allow strange practices, methods, and traditions to continue within the church culture. I kept thinking of my church and the church I grew up in. My church would never do those things! My Pastor would never say those things from the pulpit, and, my Pastor’s wife would never jump up and down and holler like a mad woman during her special song.

Seriously, what are these practices of being “slain” in the spirit and lapping the congregation? Where did they come from? I find it hard to identify with these churches with their beliefs when they do all this OTHER CRAZY STUFF!!!

The sad part is that, this is what people think of my church, and our beliefs. They can’t and won’t even give us the chance to separate from these crazies. We’re grouped in with those wackos in the south…and its not fair. Automatically, as soon as someone hears “baptist”, we are considered crazy. Well, we are NOT crazy. We’re actually quite normal. We’re kind of like, people, who work in different places, who meet together to worship God, and try to conform to the image of Christ as best we know how (from the Word of God).

Whether we should change our name to separate from the crazies, that’s a whole different topic, and really, its up to the authority of the local church anyway. The other sad part about the blog is how many people have been hurt by these churches. Hundreds upon hundreds of comments are left blasting, mocking, and down right attacking the Christians within this group. Its sad that many people have been burned, especially by churches who minister in the name of the “Love of God”. Its not right. We are all human, and we all hurt, but it shouldn’t be God’s children hurting each other.

I hope that one day, there will be a new generation of baptists – those who hold true to the Word of God, who represent the Grace of God, who minister with the Mercy of God, and share the Love the God.  And I hope one day, we will not be known by the name “baptist”, but we will be known for our Love for God and our neighbours.


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