Friday Bloggin’ …. breathe.

9 Sep

Wow, I almost forgot this week’s edition of Friday Bloggin’!

Well, nothing much to talk about, except I’ll be preaching Sunday morning at my church. Now, the process of sermon writing, I really have broken it into two categories; preaching out of knowledge, and preaching out of your heart.

I used to think that only what comes out of your heart and emotion, atually makes an impact, but there are things in the Bible that must be preached out of knowledge, for knowledge.

But I’ve found that when you find the balance between the two, that is what I call a well balanced message – just getting to that point is hard.

Tonight will be spent at Calhoun’s all night coffee shack. I’ll have my laptop, headphones, bible, and books. I feel like I’m in college again. Hopefully, it being Friday, the roudy c0llege kids won’t be hangin’ there, but at the clubs, bars, and pubs -hopefully.

Happy Friday! This is what is getting me through this day, “Sometimes, its okay if all you did today was….breathe….”


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