to the fallen.

12 Sep

It was a bright, sunny morning. I was getting ready to go to work at the very first job I ever had; hot dog stand at the mall. I was getting ready, just like the other days. I turned the TV and my jaw dropped to the floor. I watched as the smoke came billowing out of the first of the two towers that were hit. I think we all have the same description for what we saw that day: surreal. Then the second plane hit the second tower. I was horrified at the scene, but yet, something in my brain is trying to convince me that it was a movie, that it was a false sense of violence, and that special effects had a role in what I was seeing.

The most heartbreaking, most striking image that will forever be emblazoned in my mind, is the image of people hanging outside the windows calling for help. I remember seeing bodies fall from windows, people screaming, crying for help.

For a moment in history, the world felt empty, strange, void of sense and order. It was as if it was a collective gasp of air – a collective sense of hopelessness and fear.

To those who lost loved ones, my prayers and thoughts to you. May you carry on a strength, a courage, a hope that is beyond what the world has seen in its history. May you become the example of love, and grace, and hope.


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