The people of today looking for the God of today.

15 Sep

I am concerned, and somewhat irritated as to how baptists are portrayed, and represented from different parts of North America. From my understanding and from my own study on the subject, the name baptist itself really has no historically ties with the beginning of church which Jesus Christ left here on earth. Its not like the church at Jerusalem was called the “First Baptist Church of Jerusalem”. So first of all, let’s admit to ourselves that the NAME has no loyalty or direct ties to Jesus Christ. Much more important than the name, however, is the fundamental believes carried by(true) modern day baptists. From our beliefs and creeds, we can find a true line all the way to Jesus Christ, because we adhere as closely as we can to the Word of God – the same oracles given to the First Church. Historically, this line of Christianity (who hold to the purity of the Word of God and its practices) have been known by many other names, i.e. Waldensians, Heugenots, the Hussites. So when did the first Baptists show up on the scene?

There’s quite a bit of information when it comes to the Anabaptists and the Baptists, but, in the end, these are just names. What are we actually holding on to? What is the true essence of the “Baptists”?

I ask the question because I think we’ve forgotten our roots, and those around us know us for our methods and practices instead of our stand – and there’s something wrong about that.

I hate that we hold on to these traditions from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and we run and hide from anything that is modern or contemporary. We have this huge brush, so that anything that’s remotely contemporary, we brush it as evil, worldy, wicked and carnal.

Is it impossible to have a relationship with God for today? Yes, God was faithful to the work of the people back in the good old days, but, what about now? What about us? What about the rest of us who didn’t grow up in the traditional churches? What about those who don’t like men’s quartets, and ladies trios? What about people who like the guitar and drums? What about the people who didn’t grow up with the piano and organ? What about the people of today who want to find the God of today?

My biggest pet peeve is when we hold on to archaic hymns and carry them around like they’re suppose to be a good luck charm, like God only blesses churches who sing hymns. Really? Is that how shallow our God is? I wonder if God is overly concerned with hymns or no hymns. Maybe He wants our hearts instead. I mean, yes some hymns are great and they hold a lot of truth. There are songs today that are also great and also hold a lot truth. But because its new, we automatically paint it as wicked, immoral, hippy freak music. What’s even worse is when a larger church (who has quite a bit of unbiblical influence on other churches) finally sings a newer song – then finally it’s okay to sing it in church. Is anybody else out there saying, “What the heck?”

I wish there was a church that wasn’t bound by yesterday’s ways, but would evaluate the Word of God, and worship, as if it were the first time we had met God. I wish we approached our relationship with Him as if, we were discovering this new and amazing life, instead of following in the footsteps of past men, and trying to live they way they lived. I wish for a new kind of baptist, who lives according to the Word of God, without losing touch with the world we function in today.

Please, someone, send me this church.


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