Friday Bloggin’ – Rain Clouds

16 Sep

Usually, I love rain clouds. I love the dark. I love the gloomy feeling. There’s something about these dark days that are conducive to self reflection, even a feeling of insignificance, in this chaotic world. But today, the negativity is overwhelming. Sometimes I feel like I’m being tossed about in a stormy sea and I’m grasping at the unforgiving waves to help keep my head up. Sometimes it feels like the water keeps suffocating me, and every gasp of air is precious.

Today feels like a storm of negativity over me. Work is weighing me down. People are weighing me down. Uncontrollable disappointments, feeling of defeat and hopelessness. Its a monster with no face, no force, just fear. We never really see it, yet our assumptions of it are enough to cripple us.

I need joy, life, breath. There has got to be something to keep me smiling. There’s got to be something to give me strength to make through today.

“My grace is sufficient for thee…”

Thank you Lord. Thank your strength is made perfect in weakness. Therefore, thank you for my weakness, for it reminds me of your strength, your grace, and your mercy for my feeble, finite life. It reminds me that I can’t do it alone, but you are there with me.

Thank you for my weakness.


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