Friday Bloggin’

23 Sep

This post is coming a little bit later than usual — due to technical problems with the computer.

Technology is wonderful, until it stops working. Its amazing how dependant I am on this computer. Just last year, I could actually say that my life was on the internet. All my conversations, connections, all my pictures, my experiences, my activities, my day to day musings were on the web through this wonderful life sucking device called my computer.

There’s something deeply wrong with that. Maybe that’s why I’ve decided to stay off the social media outlets. I can live with my professional life, organizational tools and equipment being on the net, and easily accessed, but I am not going to let my social life be based on electronic impulses. I would rather feel the warmth of a friends hug, then the warmth of a glowing LCD screen. I would much rather laugh outloud, than LOL. The older I get, the more I want to distance myself with connections on the computer. Not that I’m an overly sociable guy (I prefer solitude more oft than not). One day, I would love to meet a stranger. Just someone maybe from the market, or at the coffee shop. Maybe someone who I can bump into, and have things in common with, and have a perfect conversation with.

I read a story that, everytime I read I get teary-eyed. The story is a personal account of a normal man who goes jogging at the same park. This one particular day, during his jog, he stopped at a bench to catch his breath, and it so happens that an older, senior gentleman was sharing the bench with him. The story goes that they begin a casual, light, insignificant conversation. Then hours later, they’ve laughed, cried, and shared some of their most intimate, most vulnerable aspects of their life. That man jogged away, having met a perfect stranger to connect with. The story ends with this man finding out that his friend, who sat at the bench with him, had died just hours they had parted. He was still on the bench.

There must be someone to make that kind of connection with. There must be someone out there longing for those connections as much as I am.


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