Good Monday!!!

26 Sep

Had a great weekend, the highlight being able to hang out with some friends. Its funny how, no matter how the evening starts, the conversation always turns to ministry. I guess it goes to show what’s in our heart. Mainly, we talk about our struggles to creatively express our worship in this world, while being suppressed by traditions and opinions of men.

Sadly, that is where we are at. We think more highly of what our “leaders” and those who have “gone before us” or “sat where we sat” than what we know God is telling us in His Word.

But I am optimistic. I am excited for change. I am excited for what is happening in our circles. There is an awakening, a rebirth of our ideals, a re-freshening of ministry and our methods in this world. There will always be those who will oppose change. Those who do not accept change are left to criticize from the shadows.

I am glad to be here, at this time in history, at this point of life, and in this circle of friends and peers.

Good bye crazies!!


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