28 Sep

Last night, former Vice President Dick Cheney was at a prestigeous Vancouver Club to speak and promote his new book and memoir. The event was private, only open to those willing to fork out $500 for dinner and a speech.

Of course, in true leftist Canadian fashion, protestors were on hand calling for the arrest of the war criminal Dick Cheney. Several Amnesty groups have been calling for the indictment of Cheney and President Bush for their “torture tactics” of prisoners of war. Apparently, president Bush and vp Cheney allowed the U.S. military to carry out “waterboarding” and other practices that are deemed war crimes by Amnesty and anti-war groups.

There are several things that bother me about this whole story. First of all, the lack of perspective on the part of the Protestors. Honestly, are they really going to be able arrest former VP Cheney? Really? I really really really love it when we Canadians get on this “WORLD JUSTICE” patrol when WE’VE DONE NOTHING FOR OUR FREEDOM. We, as a Canadian Nation, were GIVEN our liberty – literally handed to us. Just imagine the Canadian leaders going to the Queen and her ministries and asking, “Can we please be our own country?” to which the Queen responds with, “Sure”.

Though many great Canadian soldiers fought in some of the fiercest wars throughout history, NONE OF THOSE WERE FOUGHT ON OUR SOIL. We have NEVER paid the price for our freedom, we have never known war, we have NEVER known tyranny! And I love it when we paint our leaders like Prime Minister Harper as some villainous, egomaniac, unforgiving, unrelenting, monster of a leader. Really? Would you rather have President Obama – who has spent more in his FIRST TERM, than all the presidents combined. Would you rather have Ghadafi? No wait, maybe we’d rather have some weak sauce of a leader who’ll put all our money into Quebec and Toronto.

I’m getting off topic here.

These protestors were seen hurling their bodies at the police, assaulting patrons of the club, and ATTACKING security guards — and they’re suppose to be protesting violence and torture? This supposed “peace” advocates should really be fired or banned from representing their cause. For me, these people hurt your cause. You want something taken seriously, have the right people representing you.

Shame on you vancouverites who give our wonderful and beautiful city an ugly face.


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