A Lesson in Obedience and Submission.

29 Sep

Obedience and Submission.

For the most part, it is easy to obey and to submit to the authority of God. We have His word, and the Holy Spirit, and the freedom and liberty to live according to how God wants us to live (as its revealed in His Word by His Holy Spirit). As long as we stick to the formula, even hard decisions of obedience can be made.

My frustration doesn’t come out of obeying God’s Word when it comes to solid, doctrinal issues. For example, I don’t struggle with things like drinking. Though the Word of God does not directly say, “Thou shalt not get sauced”, there is enough warning against it, there is wisdom in staying away from it. And the real issue is WANT, and never NEED, anyway. Timothy was told to drink wine because of a health NEED. We’re probably not going to get an OK from God to get hammered just because we WANT to. My frustration mainly comes from things like preferences. I hate that word. We misuse that word. We give it authority, like its got some weight to it. We even give it some spiritual weight, as long as its a preference from a Pastor.

BUT, I realized, as long as I’m under the authority of the Pastor, I HAVE to live with his preference. I really have no choice. It is not my place to change his preferences. I can encourage him, and challenge those preferences, but it’s never my duty, never my calling and purpose to make him agree with me. Its his church, his vision, his way.

I realized also that my obedience to man is temporary. One day, I won’t want to submit myself under the authority of a particular man, or a particular culture of worship. One day, I’ll want to find, cultivate, and express my own way of worshipping, how I feel God is leading me to worship.

The more I stay where I am, the more and more I am desiring to find that way. I hate the feeling that I’m contributing to this Church culture. But obedience and submission must have its place. But not for long.


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