Friday Bloggin’

30 Sep

Happy Friday!!!

Not sure what my mind will wander off to today. But here’s a rabbit trail:

A top court has decided that Vancouver’s Insite clinic is separate from drug laws and will continue to be allowed to provide drug users with clean needles and clean DRUGS. Also, this is funded by tax payers. The drugs being given to these drug addicts are paid by our hard earned — crime free — law abiding — money.

So, I get to work in a job, in which I’ve put in hours of labour just to get to where I am, and pay the government the taxes they ask for, and drug users can take that money to support their habit? That’s totally screwed up.

Why, as a society, are we rewarding the lawbreakers at the expense of the citizens who actually contribute to this society, who actually pay for the salaries of our governors and rulers? This world is backwards. It is upside down!

Also in news, a man convicted of manslaughter for stealing gas at a station, and knowingly dragging an attendant underneath his car for several kilometres, is out on parole. This murderer served 6 YEARS, was out on parole – broke his parole, and now is out on parole again with more conditions. How is 6 years an equal measure of the loss of life? How does 6 years in jail equate to the life of a young man? Our justice system is a joke, our law makers and enforcers are jokes, no wonder crime is attractive to individuals. This society is upside down.


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