Rita Chretien

5 Oct

Rita Chretien is a survivor.

I’m not going to re-tell the story, but basically, she and her husband own a business, and were in Vegas for a convention. Deciding to take a scenic drive, the GPS lead them stranded in the bitter cold. After 7 weeks of living on rationed trail mix, some weeds and leaves, she was found by some people on ATV’s.

It really is a great story. Recently she was featured on a Canadian Christian TV program and she shared with her viewers how her faith in God helped her in her ordeal. She shared how her relationship with God became closer, how she looked forward to talking to God in the morning, even when her husband had gone for help, and never came back.

I was really touched with this story, and was even more amazed that it was featured on a major Provincial News website. What I didn’t like were the comments people were leaving. While there were those who left words of encouragement and positive comments, there were others who blasted her for attributing her survival to her faith in God.

Really? First of all, you’ll never know what strength is needed, unless you’ve gone through that ordeal yourself. It would be wrong for me to tell a person that went through the Tsunami and say, “You had nothing to do with your own survival”. The opposite is that, here’s Rita saying, “God got me through it, when I had no strength, He was my strength…” and atheists saying to her “your faith had nothing to do with it.” How do you know!?!? You weren’t there on her loneliest of nights. All I’m saying is that, you have nothing to say, unless you’ve gone through it. If you have and you attribute your strength to something else, fine, that’s you getting through it. And if a person says that it was God, fine, that’s THEM!


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