Westboro is the worst.

6 Oct

I’m sure most people have read about the passing of Steve Jobs. Although I think the description that he “changed the world” is going too far, I will say that because of his innovation, he has changed how technology is accessed and how it is used in our lives. The whole “changing the world” tag I would use for people like Ghandi, or men who gave their lives for their country, and not so much for a billionaire. The innovation, the vision of this man has given the power of technology back to where it belongs — the user. His products have helped us control the media that accesses us, and has helped us control the information we want to broadcast, or keep private. For me, Steve Jobs and the Apple company has given the user total power and total control of what is rightfully theirs.

Having said all that, I am just disgusted by the news of Westboro Baptist Church’s decision to protest this man’s funeral. They claim that Steve Jobs had an amazing platform, but never gave God the glory. Westboro members have created a platform for themselves, but are they glorifying God? To glorify means to magnify. Are they magnifying God in their actions? It seems that the attention they are getting is mostly negative, and uncharacteristic of anything Jesus Christ, or any of the disciples would do. So where did it go wrong? Why does this little church think that this is what Jesus Christ would do if He was here? My answer is: I don’t know. I look through the Bible, and there’s not one event where Jesus Christ would remotely do what these people are doing. Jesus Christ did go to a couple of funerals. When He went to Lazarus’ funeral, He showed up with signs and were protesting his death — uh, no. He wept – one of the few times Jesus Christ was overwhelmed with emotion. When looking at the state of Jerusalem, how they had followed after traditions of men, and hearkened more to the Pharisees instead of His Word, Jesus Christ stood over Jerusalem and showed compassion saying, “how I would’ve gathered you unto myself, as a hen gathers her chicks.” Westboro Baptist Church is a place without love. There is no doubt that as Christians, there are things we need to stand FOR and against. But the greatest commandment ever given was LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR. I wonder if these Westboro Baptist Church members actually did anything to extend God’s love to Steve Jobs, while he was here. If the answer is no, then the greater condemnation is that we failed in the greatest command given to us by our Lord and Saviour. I wonder what kind of church this would be if they decided to put up placards of Love instead of Hate. I wonder what kind of Christians they would be if they just took to the example of Christ himself, how “He FIRST loved us.” Have they forgotten who they are. Have they forgotten that “while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”? Have they forgotten how we’ve all broken God’s heart? The first response of Christ was not hatred. He didn’t come to the world as a ruler, as a captain, or as a conquering king. He came as a child. He didn’t decide to descend on a chariot of fire with the host of heaven wielding flaming swords to destroy the world. He was born in a stable, in a feeding trough, to a lowly mother, and lowly father. If we could only remember the depth, the height, the breadth of Love Christ extended to us, we would look at each other differently. We would treat each other differently — because, you cannot come to the cross without feeling the weight of God’s Love toward us.

Westboro Baptist Church members, I feel sad for you. I have a relationship with God, He saved me from the miry clay, and He set my feet upon a rock. He became my shield and buckler, my mighty fortress. But most of all, He became my loving Father. Where is your love? And how come people don’t know you by your love? Isn’t that what Jesus Christ told us in John 13? I feel really really sad for the families you’ve deceived, for the families you’ve hurt through the years. All I can say is that we will all answer for what we’ve done here on Earth. What if God asked you,

“Did you love them?”

“BUT WE PICKETED AT THEIR FUNERAL!!!(and so on and so forth)”

“did you love them?”


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