Friday Bloggin- Thanksgiving Edition!

7 Oct

Hello world!

This week’s edition of Friday Bloggin’ is all about Thanksgiving. This weekend is CANADIAN Thanksgiving. Although many Americans, and their large ego’s and exploded arrogance may think that we just decided to “copy” the American Tradition, our Thanksgiving actually has its own history.

The earliest Thanksgiving feast has been attributed to an explorer by the name of the Forbisher. His intent of finding a Northern Passage to the Orient led him to establish a settlement in modern day Newfoundland. There, he threw a special ceremony to give thinks for the long journey. Through the years, many influences have come to add to our Canadian tradition but the main premise of all these were to give thanks, or a day of “good cheer”.

Though many dates have been used, on January 31st, 1957, the Parliament of Canada ordered that the 2nd Monday of October would be set aside as a “Day of General Thanksgiving to Almighty God for the blessings with which the people of Canada have been favoured.”

So far this Thanksgiving Post, I want to write down (for myself) the things which I can be thankful for in my life:

My wife. She is my everything.
My family. Mom, Dad, Kuya, Ate and spouses.
My nephews and nieces, and even my “adopted” nephews and nieces.
My God, who has given my so much liberty to live, but I rarely take advantage of that.
My country. I live this place, how it is beautiful, and it is good, and it is a moral country.
My friends who make me laugh out loud.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, enjoy the food, the football, and hangin’ out in pajamas all day!


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