Thou art….Thou Shalt Be….

13 Oct

There is an awesome part in the New Testament that is so little, but speaks volumes, and really, inspires me to be human and to be a child of God. The story is early in Christs’ ministry when Peter was brought to Him by his brother Andrew. When Jesus Christ saw Peter he said,

Thou art Simon the son of Jona: thou shalt be called Cephas, which is by interpretation, A stone.

Thou art… Thou shalt be….

What an awesome event. Jesus Christ didn’t just see Peter for who he was, but who he was going to be. The whole time we are made aware of Peter’s life with Jesus Christ, we can all agree that it was rocky at best. I mean, Peter was the great leader at times, then at other times, he’s the biggest fool with his foot in his mouth. Did Jesus rebuke any of the other disciples? No. It was only Peter. Did any other disciples walk on water? No. Only Peter did.

Peter has to be my most favourite Bible character. He’s my favourite because Peter wasn’t anything special. He was just a fisherman, who followed after Christ. He wasn’t like Paul who was educated, and polished, and had a reputation. I think we find more of Peter’s humanity, than his spirituality in the Scriptures. But he was the one who Jesus Christ spent exclusive time with, and the one who Jesus seem to always correct. Was it because Peter was always wrong? Was it because Jesus was just really hard on Peter. Was it because he wasn’t Jesus’ favourite (like John)?

No. I think Jesus Christ was molding Peter from the beginning. He saw who Peter was, but more importantly, He knew who Peter would become. There was a tremendous ministry in Peter’s future. After Christ left, it was through Peter that the Gospel was opened to the rest of the world. It was through Peter that the Jerusalem Council finally decided to break the bonds of the Mosaic law from all believers.

I love Peter because I feel like I’m a “peter”. I don’t always do right. Most of the time, my humanity controls more than my spirituality. But I know that God knows who I am, and more importantly, who I will become. Peter was nothing more than a trophy of God’s Grace, Mercy, and Love. He was a trophy of what lives could be of those who we would never give chances to. So many times, Jesus could’ve walked away from Peter. But He didn’t. Even when Peter walked away from Him, Jesus still pursued him.

 I may not be some great theologian, or even a great Christian. And although my humanity gets the best of me, I know that I’m being molded, being transformed, being made into a better version of me, a version who God can use.


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