Friday Bloggin’….. 30’s

14 Oct

Happy Friday, to all who made it this far. Yesterday, my closest cousin turned 30. Its funny how 1 day, 1 number can have so much effect on our lives. Well, before I keep going, I have to say that I am in the same boat. I’m not thirty yet, but the thought of turning thirty feels like the Indiana Jones Rock that’s rolling to crush me. Except in this scenario, the rock is even bigger, its moving even slower, and the dramatic effect is even greater.

Growing up was never on my plan. Yes, I wanted to liberties of being an adult, but the fact that getting older was a consequence, keep your liberties. At this point, I can hear all the 30-somethings saying, “Oh its not that bad! 30’s the new 20! You’ll be fine, etc.” Yes, I know it won’t be that bad, and I’ll like it and accept it once I get there. But I’m not there yet, so let me loathe in my existence of 30 year mark nearness, while I still have it to loathe!

Goals, I used to have a five year plan that would take me into my thirties. My five year plan got screwed right around the time I started it. Funny how that is. So, no plan, no blue print, no solid goal, yet. Most days, I just feel lucky to breathe. There’s this great quote I came across, that probably describes more and more of my days:

“Sometimes, its okay when all you did today was breathe.”

And my other favourite quote:

“When I’m sad, I just start singing… then I realize that my singing is worse than my problems”

So let’s hear it for the late 20 somethings – We’re still here, and we refuse to accept our inevitable fate — yet. Give us time, and we’ll get there soon enough, but for now, just let us enjoy not looking forward to that awful day.



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