Occupy…… umm… anywhere! yeah!

17 Oct

Over the weekend, “local” vancouverites gathered to mimic Occupy Wallstreet. I put quotations around word local because, whenever these protests (like the riot) get together, its always people from out of town who decide to come and destroy our streets and disrupt our lives. Thank you people on the periphery of our city, what about next time, you destroy your OWN neighbourhood. Anyway, protests in Vancouver were peaceful, which was not the case in other places around the world.

From my understanding of these  protests, we’re suppose to be standing up against the corporate giants who, while the world is being plunged into poverty and third world status, remain to make billions of money from their business.

Hmmm…. what a great idea! You start a business, you get clients or customers, they pay, and you make money!


I wonder if its the corporation’s fault that they’re making money? Isn’t the fact that they’re making money an indication that its the people that are making them rich?

Let’s get real. The majority of the people in the world get up every Monday morning, even though they’d rather sleep in, go to a job that underpays them, work for a man that underappreciates them, and brings home a check that is probably just going to let them get by with just a few extras. WAKE UP! We’re all like that! We all work. We all make sacrifices. We don’t like it, but we do it for our families! Why don’t we protest poverty! Or inequality, or lets totally go old school and rally against RACISM! YEAH! But corporate greed? If you want corporations to change their tune, then don’t use their services, don’t buy their products, and certainly DON’T SUPPORT THEM IN ANY WAY. Are we blaming presidents and CEO’s for having brilliant business minds — are they at fault for creating a business model that’s made them successfull? Sure, its their fault you’re in debt. Never mind the fact that you ran up your Credit. Sure, its their fault you’re homeless, never mind the poor decisions you’ve made in your life to ruin your OWN life. And I’m sure it’s their fault that you’re on drugs, or the government won’t give you welfare cheques, or that you’re $100k in student loan debt – never mind the fact it was YOUR DECISION TO PURSUE YOUR AVENUE OF EDUCATION!!!!!

All I’m sayin’ is that most of us – we work. We’d like to provide a better life for our children – so we work hard, complain less, and try to show a pattern for our kids to follow.

Also, if you want validity to what your standing up for, then don’t get the useless pukes who disregard the laws and rules of the land to stand by you. You end up respresenting them, instead of them representing you.


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