18 Oct

Ever been in a daze, in a moment that lasts a little too long, and now your whole day is thrown off? Its like you spent too much time daydreaming about something (someone), and now your whole timing is off.

Today is Limbo Day! Its actually the worst day of the week. Tuesday has to be the most meaningless, mediocre, most uneventful day of the week. Its the day you look at your laundry pile and realize that its not quite large enough to load, and not quite stinky enough to put away yet, so it sits in the middle of your bedroom floor, just stewing in its own odour. Its the day when you sit on the couch, watch a meaningless show, then get thirsty, but you’re too lazy to get up out of the couch so you go thirsty all evening, until something MAKES you get up, like, chips or cookies. Its the day when you sit infront of your computer at work, staring into a blank page of your WordPress Blog and there’s nothing that moves you or hits you in a way to evoke emotion, even anger, love or hate – just nothingness, purposeless moments strung together, that somehow becomes the summation of your day.

Tuesday Limbo – I hate you, but I’m not going to do anything about it.


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