Hosea’s Soulmate

20 Oct

I’ve recently taken an interest in the minor prophets. There is so much truth and beauty in the O.T., but I found that I had little knowledge of what the minor prophets actually said, or did. So, I started reading in Hosea. If you’ve never read the book of Hosea, go read it now. If you question the measure of God’s Love, read it now. If you wonder why God wants so bad to separate from the world, read the book of Hosea.

In the beginning of the book, God tells Hosea (who is a prophet) to go and marry a harlot. If you’re not familiar with that term, its another word for prostitute. Can you imagine what’s going through Hosea’s mind? Just imagine if we were to translate that into today. Its like God telling a preacher to go down to the red light district, and marry a prostitute right off the street, and live with her and care for her. In fact, that’s what God told Hosea. He told him to care for her and love her, and to pursue her and provide for her. While Hosea is trying to love this strange woman, her desires, her lifestyle, really, her own selfish wants pull her back to her old life. She continually wants to break free from Hosea, to back to her lovers. All I can think of is the brokenness of Hosea. Marriage is a sacred institution. One that should not be taken lightly. I read from on of my favourite artists that after knowing the startling rate of divorce in North America, she vowed that if she ever got married, she’d “give it her all”. More often than not, people don’t give it their all. But I believe Hosea gave his all to this marriage ordained by God. And then I thought, what if my wife wanted out of our marriage? What if she wanted love from other men? What if she was sick of being committed to me, and wanted to go and have “fun” in the world? My heart would break.

As you read through the book, you realize that God was showing us a picture. Hosea (the husband) was a picture of God. His wife (the harlot) was a picture of Israel, which is a picture of God’s people. In other words, we Christians are the harlots in this story. While God has shown us His love, and pursued us, and provided for our needs, kept us, given us a home, but we continually want out. We continually want to go back to our old life that is ruining us. We are the ones breaking God’s heart.

What a sad story, but I have to remind myself, that’s what I’m doing to God.


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