How Music Used to Sound Like.

25 Oct

Yesterday, I finally set up my turntable and receiver system. The system is newer than I would’ve liked, but when someone offers to give you a $1200+ stereo system, you just don’t say no.

I couldn’t figure out all the wiring to the speakers, so I had to settle with plugging in my Sony Monitor Studio Head Phones. I plugged it in, all the lights turned on, the turntable started spinning. So, I took out my only Frank Sinatra record and got it turning.

In an instant, I was transported to a different time. As I heard the crackle, the spin, the wobble, and then the pure sound, I was transfixed. I couldn’t believe how amazing it sounded.

And if you think I’m just trying so hard to be a hipster, and that you can get the best sound out of your Beats by Dre Headphones, I will tell you that, its not about the look. Although, I know there are people out there that think its “cool” to listen to old stuff and own and wear old stuff, that’s not what this is about. There are hipsters, and I hope I never knowingly put myself in that category. I just have this desire to get back to what music was meant to be. Whenever we turn on the radio in the car, we surf through the stations constantly saying – NOPE, NOPE, NEXT, What is that? We don’t even the song 3 seconds to play through our system. At the first sound of a synthesized beat or some sound effect or drum machine, it has lost its chance and potential to be a descent song.

Just the other night, I sat infront of my TV watching a taping of the Dave Matthews Band playing at Red Rocks Colorado. If you’ve never heard of this venue, it is probably one of the most amazing places to hear real musicians play real music. Going to see a live show at Red Rocks in Colorado has been added to my Bucket List. I sat there and thought – no music music video, no producer behind a glass window pushing buttons on his iMac to make a sound, no CD track playing in the background – musicians, playing musical instruments, playing real good music.

Now that my turntable is set up, I can start looking for more records – mainly blues/jazz and funk, mainly artists like Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, or newer artists like Corrine Bailey Rae.


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