26 Oct

What do you do when you’ve run out of things to say? Do you write for the sake of writing? Is it an indictment on the quality of life you’re living. How exciting it must be, when you’ve got nothing to write about, or anything worthy to write about.

Worth, value, quality. Things that can be considered content. Or I can just treat this as my daily journal. A record of things going on in my life. Like, for instance, last night we decided to carve our pumpkins. Honestly, I’m in my late 20’s and that was probably the first time (I can remember) carving a pumpkins. Obviously, growing up through my teen years, Halloween wasn’t something we celebrated. Actually we were taught to stay as far away from it as we can. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I was given this image of Halloween as pure evil and demonic influences through and through.

Now that I’m older, much older, I have the opportunity to really evaluate what Halloween really means. I’ve changed, even since last year. I guess, I got sick of living by someone else’s idea of standards and rules. I can, and I will evaluate all things using this amazing tool that God has given me — my brain. Halloween does have some roots in witchcraft, but very few people know that it was originally a celebration of the Harvest. Even fewer people will tell you that our Puritan forefathers probably gathered in celebration. I guess, to North American Christians, Halloween can be a scary thing. I have the luxury of growing up in a foreign country, and not be swayed by what USED TO BE. To me, Halloween isn’t about spirits coming out of the ground to haunt us. Its not about worshipping the devil if you decided to put out a carved pumpkin. I really don’t even care about kids trick or treating – actually, I love it. To me Halloween is just another event, that may or may not have had clean history, BUT, it has lost so much meaning, and we are so far removed from what it used to mean, that I really don’t care to judge it. Its an event. Just like Valentine’s Day. Christians don’t celebrate Halloween, but they’ll give out Valentine’s cards, even have banquets, and dress up, and actually celebrate the occassion. That’s fine and all, but don’t they know that St. Valentine was a catholic priest. HE WAS A HERETIC WHO PROBABLY PERFORMED CHILD BAPTISMS AND OTHER CATHOLIC RITUALS. But no, we don’t care to talk about its history, because we’ve ACCEPTED IT.

Funny how that so many things I thought I knew, are totally different. If I had just used my brain sooner in life.


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