my frustration with IFB’s approach to music.

27 Oct

If you’re part of an IFB church, you probably have dealt with the matter of music. You probably sing hymns, and run for your lives every time you hear a contemporary tune, or a new song. I am so frustrated with our approach to music! Let me just lay my frustrations out.

HYMNS ARE JUST SONGS!!!!! Good grief! We hold on to hymns like they’re some divine revelation from God himself. Its like they came straight from the mouth of Jesus Christ! Hymns were songs written by MEN and WOMEN, INFLUENCED BY THEIR OWN TASTE AND STYLE!!!! Most of the music of that day all sounded the same because the cultural taste of music was different from ours. I just hate that we put hymns on a pedestal above new songs! Its like pastors are telling me that we are unable to creatively, spiritually, and emotionally express ourselves in song – that we have to sing what the old people sing. Let me just say that for the most part, I HATE HYMNS, especially Victory in Jesus. Every time I hear that song I tune it out, its been overplayed, over-sung, and to me, its a worship killer. Yes, there is doctrinal depth in hymns – BUT HYMNS ARE NOT DOCTRINE!!! They are not inspired, they are not supernaturally preserved. They only reason we have them is because of people who keep going back to these archaic songs. Now, I do have to say that there are hymns that I absolutely love – because they are beautifully composed, and the lyrics are very complimentary of the style of song, and the truth in it just magnifies more the effect of worship and the atmosphere of praise.

OUR FEAR OF NEW SONGS. What bothers me the most is our attitude, and approach to songs. Most people hold to the view that ‘if it’s new, then it aint True’ , and ‘if it’s True, then it aint new’. If we are unable to find a way for our people, for our day to worship, then I give up. If God will judge us by the hymns we sing or don’t sing, then I don’t know this God.

I just believe that my God is much more than that. I don’t know… I don’t think He really cares whether we sing hymns or not. I think He cares whether we glorify Him Biblically, and we worship Him Biblically. But are we going to stand before Him and be judged by whether we sang “Bringing in the Sheaves” often enough? If He is this God, then I don’t belong here, in this belief system.


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