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Let Your Light….

30 Nov

It’s been nice to have Christians having some publicity for the right reasons for a change. I think the whole thing started with David Booth of the Vancouver Canucks. After the recent acquisition, Booth was asked to join Craig Simpson and Scotty Oake (please shave your head) to join Hockey Night in Canada After Hours – a segment where they interview a player post game. Given Booth’s recenet recovery from major injuries that have sidelined him, Simpson asked Booth what he learned from those experiences – Booth’s response was that it taught him to put Jesus Christ first in his life (I’m paraphrasing of course). At different times in the interview, Booth continued to mention God and Jesus Christ.

I really appreciated that someone in David Booth’s position wasn’t afraid of the fall out, wasn’t afraid of the criticisms he would get, wasn’t afraid of what his teammates would think. All he probably cared about was sharing something that was very close to his heart.  Its funny how when Christians actually stand up for their faith, how many haters come out of their holes to mock and scorn. The fact of the matter is, if your faith is real, it affects your life, it changes the way you talk, the way you live, the way you love, the way you work, the way you play – IF your faith is real. When you find that your faith is something you hide when its inconvenient, time to do a check up. When you find that you’re afraid of what your friends will think of you if you tell them you’re a Christian, that doesn’t say much of your faith.

Real Faith is Visible. Let your light so shine before men, that they may SEE your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven.



28 Nov

I’ve read it more than once, I’ve heard it on several occassions. One of our “tag lines” (“our” being us Christians) is that it takes greater faith to believe in Evolution than believing that the Almighty God created us for His good pleasure.

I get that.

I get that all Evolutionists are probably Atheists because, I don’t understand how you can claim to be a Christian and also believe in Evolution. Its like saying, “I believe in God, just not the things He says in His Word” or “I believe in God, just not a very powerful one”.

That’s why I find it hard to understand a person that believes in Theistic Evolution. To me its a cop out. Its almost demeaning to God. Why would God decide to use a process of death and destruction from the beginning? Its totally opposite of what’s recorded in Genesis. Its totally opposite of the Character of God. Theistic Evolution is powerless, it’s weak, its saying that God isn’t powerful enough to do what He said He did.


Friday Bloggin’ – Sunny Side Up.

25 Nov

Well, its a great and sunny day in the beautiful city of Vancouver. It being Friday, all the mayhem is insuing in the land of capitalism. I heard on the radio today that Americans are set to spend almost 50 Billion dollars on shopping today. Yeah, that’s $50,000,000,000.00. So, what ever happened to the Occupy Movement? Remember that whole thing about Corporate Greed, and a war on Capitalism? Remember all the harrassing of normal citizens who shop? They made us feel bad for spending our hard earned money, they made us look like villians just because we spent a little bit of money, because we were feeding the Capitalism Machine, who in turn, was making fat the Bosses and CEOS. Good job Occupy! You’ve done NOTHING. Well, not nothing. You did disrupt business. You did harrass shoppers going by your tent city. You did bang on the store windows in Downtown Vancouver. And you also showed how inept y our members are when Occupy Vancouver resulted in 2 Drug overdoses and 1 death of a woman in her early 20’s. Yeah, that should bring out the message that you guys are serious, and have a real solution to today’s problems. I’m not ashamed to say that I am so glad that the tent city is taken down, that the judges have ruled in favor of the laws of the land.

BTW, how I grew up, you work hard in school, then you get a good education, then you get a job, and work hard, and get paid, and then you pay your bills, and then you get to have things like a home, a car, medical insurance, and even LUXURIES BECAUSE YOU WORKED FOR IT!!!!!!!!!! Get real! Instead of putting the responsibility on the Government to give you a better life, GO OUT AND GET IT! Instead of blaming your upbringing, or your poor family situation growing up, DON’T LET PAST CIRCUMSTANCES DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE! I’m so sick of these irresponsible adults who blame EVERYONE ELSE for their problems. You want a better future, a better government, a better life, you want to fix what’s wrong in the world? THEN FIX YOURSELF!!!


The Deception of Modern Day Church Polity

24 Nov

Question: If a man from our day and age, were to pick up the Bible, read it, get saved, and started a church, would that church resemble anything we have today?

Let’s dig deeper. Without having the influences of Modern Day Church “Culture”, without the history of traditions, methods and practices, without the model of any church, except for the ones in Scripture, would that church represent anything like our churches today? More specifically, would that church be considered to be a Baptist Church?

Our banner, our cry as Baptists, is that we adhere as closely as we can to Scritpural Christianity, in our homes, and in our churches than any other denomination. Do we really? If that is the case, then the man in the scenario would be building a Baptist Church, wouldn’t he?

Here’s my personal opinion and answer. I believe he wouldn’t be building a Baptist Church. If he were to adhere to precepts, the model found in Scripture, I’m afraid most, if not all, would not affiliate with this man and his work. On the shallow end, he would be judged for not wearing a tie, not having 3 services. Then it would be the music. I wonder how Baptist Churches today would sound like if the hymn writers at their time, decided that new music was evil? Then it would be the skirts vs. pants.

There’s something wrong with this and we’re too afraid to admit there’s something deeply wrong with the Churches we are building.

I wish there was a man like this, because I would join him in a split second.

This is my humble opinion.


24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving for my American friends. American Thanksgiving is an awesome celebration of everything that is good american food! And I love celebrating it! But more importantly, anytime we can dedicate to giving thanks to the Lord, is always good. I’m not stupid.. i know there are people who don’t celebrate this holiday for that, but there are some who do, and I believe that the pilgrims celebrated for the same reasons. Now, don’t judge me yet, I DO KNOW some American history. I know that the pilgrims left their homes to find a new world, where they were free to worship, that’s why there was a printing press on one of those ships coming from England. A reverend brought it over for the sole purpose of printing Bibles (btw, I know this because I did a research paper in college, and actually met one of that Reverend’s descendants). So, I have no doubt that the first thanksgiving had the aspect of Religion, and more specifically, Christianity. Whether you celebrate it for that, or for no reason at all, we all should take a lesson from our past. You may say that people adhered to Christianity more aptly back then because they were more primative in their thinking (like we’re so great), but don’t mistake primative with simple. The first of those who came to this continent risk their lives, left their homes and families. They weren’t primative in their thinking, they were simple in that they knew what was worth risking their lives for.

Be Thankful.

Friday Bloggin’ – Winterized.

18 Nov

Well, coming back from BBall coaching, snow was coming down upon my vehicle. GRRRRRR…. GET BACK SNOW! GO BACK TO THE HOLE YOU CAME FROM!!!! Snow is awesome — only on the mountain.

Well today, nothing deep, profound, controversial, not even interesting (to some), just an acute revelation last night while coaching basketball.

Being able to coach has a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit for me is being able to be around the game I loved playing as a kid. When it comes to the hours devoted to this game, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it were in the thousands. When kids were messin’ around after school, I was actually doing drills my brother taught me. I didn’t just go out to play “streetball”. I had purpose in what I was doing.

After all those hours spent practicing, games, tournaments, in elementary school, in highschool, and in college, in the sun, in the rain, in the snow, in the morning, in the evening, in sickness, in brokeness, in sadness, I found that it become more than just a game. It may seem cheesy, but when you’ve invested your life into a hobby, or game, an activity, it does have an effect on your life. Even after not playing competitive basketball for a while, I still found myself moving on the court, finding the right places, without even thinking about it. Without thinking about it, it was just a natural movement of my body, reacting to what it has seen so many times over and over again. Wow. It was an amazing revelation last night.

Happy friday to me, and anyone else out there in this blogosphere.


17 Nov

Since my last post garnered some really intresting and helpful discussion, things got too heavy from my teeny little brain, and my oversized faith. But it caused me to think about an old co-worker of mine.

In my early 2o’s, I worked with a guy who was around my age, so obviously we gravitated towards each other. But there was something else. He knew I was a Christian. He wasn’t an Atheist, actually, he was very spiritual. So, in the times when I would drive him to and from work, our discussions really got interesting. The weirdest thing he told me was that, in some parallel reality, 1+1 would actually equal to 3. Impossible right? Numbers are whole, absolute values. He believed in a world where there are no absolute values. He actually said, “There are no absolutes”. I proceeded to tell him that the sentence he just formed WAS, in fact, an absolute, and that if he actually believed what he was saying, his sentence should’ve been, “There are absolutes”. Needless to say, the conversation didn’t go anywhere, but it definitely was a nice conversation, to see where he was at. The funny thing is that, while he knew I was a Christian, I never attempted to turn our conversation to anything spiritual. I wasn’t the one who “hit him over the head with the Bible”. It was totally reversed! He was bombarding me with his viewpoints and his ideas. I found that more and more people are interested in talking about spiritual matters, than I actually think. If Christians would actually give people the time to talk, and if Christians would actually listen, I think more and more people would be willing to open up about their views. I think Jesus was the same way. When Nicodemus snuck off into the night to talk with Him, Jesus allowed Nicodemus to ask questions. In other words, they had a conversation. Because of some uncaring, uncompassionate Christians in the past, people automatically are antagonistic towards us, before we even say a word.