17 Nov

Since my last post garnered some really intresting and helpful discussion, things got too heavy from my teeny little brain, and my oversized faith. But it caused me to think about an old co-worker of mine.

In my early 2o’s, I worked with a guy who was around my age, so obviously we gravitated towards each other. But there was something else. He knew I was a Christian. He wasn’t an Atheist, actually, he was very spiritual. So, in the times when I would drive him to and from work, our discussions really got interesting. The weirdest thing he told me was that, in some parallel reality, 1+1 would actually equal to 3. Impossible right? Numbers are whole, absolute values. He believed in a world where there are no absolute values. He actually said, “There are no absolutes”. I proceeded to tell him that the sentence he just formed WAS, in fact, an absolute, and that if he actually believed what he was saying, his sentence should’ve been, “There are absolutes”. Needless to say, the conversation didn’t go anywhere, but it definitely was a nice conversation, to see where he was at. The funny thing is that, while he knew I was a Christian, I never attempted to turn our conversation to anything spiritual. I wasn’t the one who “hit him over the head with the Bible”. It was totally reversed! He was bombarding me with his viewpoints and his ideas. I found that more and more people are interested in talking about spiritual matters, than I actually think. If Christians would actually give people the time to talk, and if Christians would actually listen, I think more and more people would be willing to open up about their views. I think Jesus was the same way. When Nicodemus snuck off into the night to talk with Him, Jesus allowed Nicodemus to ask questions. In other words, they had a conversation. Because of some uncaring, uncompassionate Christians in the past, people automatically are antagonistic towards us, before we even say a word.


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