Friday Bloggin’ – Winterized.

18 Nov

Well, coming back from BBall coaching, snow was coming down upon my vehicle. GRRRRRR…. GET BACK SNOW! GO BACK TO THE HOLE YOU CAME FROM!!!! Snow is awesome — only on the mountain.

Well today, nothing deep, profound, controversial, not even interesting (to some), just an acute revelation last night while coaching basketball.

Being able to coach has a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit for me is being able to be around the game I loved playing as a kid. When it comes to the hours devoted to this game, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration if it were in the thousands. When kids were messin’ around after school, I was actually doing drills my brother taught me. I didn’t just go out to play “streetball”. I had purpose in what I was doing.

After all those hours spent practicing, games, tournaments, in elementary school, in highschool, and in college, in the sun, in the rain, in the snow, in the morning, in the evening, in sickness, in brokeness, in sadness, I found that it become more than just a game. It may seem cheesy, but when you’ve invested your life into a hobby, or game, an activity, it does have an effect on your life. Even after not playing competitive basketball for a while, I still found myself moving on the court, finding the right places, without even thinking about it. Without thinking about it, it was just a natural movement of my body, reacting to what it has seen so many times over and over again. Wow. It was an amazing revelation last night.

Happy friday to me, and anyone else out there in this blogosphere.


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