24 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving for my American friends. American Thanksgiving is an awesome celebration of everything that is good american food! And I love celebrating it! But more importantly, anytime we can dedicate to giving thanks to the Lord, is always good. I’m not stupid.. i know there are people who don’t celebrate this holiday for that, but there are some who do, and I believe that the pilgrims celebrated for the same reasons. Now, don’t judge me yet, I DO KNOW some American history. I know that the pilgrims left their homes to find a new world, where they were free to worship, that’s why there was a printing press on one of those ships coming from England. A reverend brought it over for the sole purpose of printing Bibles (btw, I know this because I did a research paper in college, and actually met one of that Reverend’s descendants). So, I have no doubt that the first thanksgiving had the aspect of Religion, and more specifically, Christianity. Whether you celebrate it for that, or for no reason at all, we all should take a lesson from our past. You may say that people adhered to Christianity more aptly back then because they were more primative in their thinking (like we’re so great), but don’t mistake primative with simple. The first of those who came to this continent risk their lives, left their homes and families. They weren’t primative in their thinking, they were simple in that they knew what was worth risking their lives for.

Be Thankful.


One Response to “THANKSGIVING!”

  1. shortweeklysermons November 28, 2011 at 9:06 pm #

    It makes you be thankful for our ability to worship the way we do: freely and easily. It also makes it all the more convicting when we see others that don’t have the word and work so hard for just one verse of His word and we don’t even spend time in the Bible when we have such easy access to it.

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